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Hi, my name is Glorija Lawrence, I am a professional astrologer with over 30 years of experience practising Cosmobiology.

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I am putting together two self paced courses to teach you Cosmobiology and an ongoing series of Masterclasses.

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About CosmoBiology

Cosmobiology is the correlation between the cosmos and the individual, in terms of our psychological make up and the accurate timing of events in our life.

It is a branch of astrology which integrates a holistic approach. It can be used in any form for improving our life’s journey. Read more...

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In this 30 mins quality video Masterclass Glorija delves back one hundred years or so to see how closely aligned the Astrology charts and the reality of the life really are, and we look forward to the next hundred years and have a look at what might be in store for the British Royal Family and the best known monarchy in the world.

Nelson Mandela

South Africa, along with the rest of the world, mourned the loss of Nelson Mandela, known by his people as Tata, father of the nation. He died after a long illness on Thursday 5th December 2013 at 8.50pm, surrounded by his family, at his home in Houghton Johannesburg. Described as a special man, Nelson Rolihlahal Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 in the village of Mvezo, Umtata what was then a part of South Africa’s, Cape Province.  His special qualities showed up from an early age. On his death bed, Mandela’s father called in the Paramount Chief and presented the 12 year old Mandela, saying, “I am giving you this servant, Rohihlahia, my only son.  I can see by the way he speaks to his sisters and friends that his indications are to help the nation.”  And so it was.

When Mandela’s father died, the Chief took him under his wing and made sure the young man had a good education.

There are several strong patterns in Mandela’s natal horoscope.  The Sun in Cancer gives him a kind and practical nature, whilst the Moon in Scorpio brings a powerful magnetism and a confidence in one’s self to succeed. 

The overall strengths of this combination, is one forceful and determined individual.Venus square the Moon’s Node across to Neptune gives a warm heart, high ideals and the love of humanity. It also gives us an indication as to why he has captured the hearts of a nation and now the whole world.

  In my research I have found that if there is a contact to the Moon’s Node by planet or personal points, one usually has a public profile at some stage in their life.   Read More...

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