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Glorija Lawerence

Hi, my name is Glorija Lawrence, I am a professional astrologer with over 30 years of experience practising Cosmobiology.

Please read my latest blog posts, take one of my courses to learn Cosmobiology for yourself or watch one of my Masterclasses.

Learn CosmoBiology from Glorija

I am putting together two self paced courses to teach you Cosmobiology and an ongoing series of Masterclasses.

The courses will include over two house of videos and much information to download to view on the screen or print out. Read more...

About CosmoBiology

Cosmobiology is the correlation between the cosmos and the individual, in terms of our psychological make up and the accurate timing of events in our life.

It is a branch of astrology which integrates a holistic approach. It can be used in any form for improving our life’s journey. Read more...

Watch Glorija's latest Masterclass on the British Royal Family.

In this 30 mins quality video Masterclass Glorija delves back one hundred years or so to see how closely aligned the Astrology charts and the reality of the life really are, and we look forward to the next hundred years and have a look at what might be in store for the British Royal Family and the best known monarchy in the world.

Phil Walsh Adelaide Coach Murder Chart

The game continues to evolve and if you’re not looking to change and tinker with a few things you’ll get left behind. "Phil Walsh"

We will never know, just how good master tactician, and coach of the Adelaide Crows football club would become, because on a full Moon in the sign of Capricorn, the grim astrological aspects played to the beat of a very dark drum as we awoke to the news that Phil Walsh, had died and his wife Meredith was in hospital with knife wounds.

The news did not get any better, when later in the day we heard that Walsh’s 26 year old son was charged with his murder.   The circumstances surrounding the death still have to come out but, in this day and age we are fully aware of the problems surrounding drugs, alcohol and domestic violence.

Twenty years ago one of my students of Cosmobiology had a similar situation where her nephew killed her brother, in other words a son, killed his father.  It was later revealed that the son was asking for money for drugs and the father had refused to give him any.


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