Airbus lands on the Hudson River

Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon…. Today these words from an old song by Connie Francis, came back to haunt us, but it was a Thursday, not a Sunday afternoon and instead of a boat, it just so happened to be a plane.

At 3.26 pm New York time on 15th January, 2009, an Airbus A320 left LaGuardia, New York to fly to Charlotte, Carolina, but with less than three minutes into the flight, the plane took an unexpected detour and landed in the icy waters of the Hudson River.

Chesley Sullenberger III, former fighter pilot, had to draw on all his skills, and then some, to guide Flight 1549, his passengers and crew to safety. It was reported that a flock of bird got caught in the jet’s engines thus causing the plane to loose power. When an event happens astrologers cast what is called a mundane chart.

In Larousse’s “Encyclopedia of Astrology,” it describes Mundane Astrology as coming from the Latin mundus, the world; also called Judicial, or Political Astrology. It is also described as the branch of astrology devoted to the study of planetary cycles and patterns as reflected in world events, cultural trends, and collective phenomena generally; as distinguished from natal astrology, which studies birth charts of individuals.

Some would say that this is a specialized branch of astrology, which technically I suppose it, is however anyone with a sound knowledge of the planets and sensitive points, can cast a chart and work out from the position of the planets, the general outcome of a situation.

For example; with today’s Airbus A320 landing in the Hudson River, one would ask how 155 passengers and crew survived with very little injuries. If we take a look at the chart even without any of the passengers data we can see that the aspects were today were reasonably favourable.

The planet Mercury, in the sign of Aquarius gives progressive thinking and a quick grasp of the situation. However; Mercury is retrograde and most astrologers would have us believe that anything to do with intellect and communication are taking a backward step until it is in a forward motion once again.

In fact in our local newspapers this week, a well known syndicated astrologer tells us that networks, connecting communities are often prone to impediment and while that may be true, it usually shows up in the chart in a different form.

Many astrologers are just too willing to blame the retrograde Mercury for these types of problems. Today’s quick thinking by the pilot and crew of the A320 Airbus to land the plane in the river with no loss of life was truly amazing and if there were any truth in the retrograde theory, certainly the outcome may not have been as lucky.

I have made my best real estate deals on a retrograde Mercury and signed the contract, no matter what. If I waited and lost the deal, I could say, “Well, Mercury was retrograde.” I have bought and sold three properties on this aspect and each time made a considerable amount of money. Mercury did have luck on its side as it formed a mid point with Moon’s Node and Jupiter, all in the sign of Aquarius.

Also; it made an aspect across the dial to Saturn which then became the stabiliser. Another aspect considered difficult is Saturn and Uranus when they form an opposition in the heavens, but in this particular incident if we take the positive side from Ebertin’s book, he says it is a growth of strength caused through overcoming difficulties.

If we add Mercy to the equation it is the making of great demands upon one’s nervous energy. Mercury in aspect to Saturn is an excellent time for any mental disciple or hard work and with the tree favourable planets in Aquarius it was a cool head that saved the day.

The great thing about the sign of Aquarius is the ability to detach emotionally in a crisis and see the clear picture. Once again if I refer to “Larousse’s Encyclopedia of Astrology”, it tells us that Mudane astrology properly speaking certainly can relate the course of history to the planets, without reference to the chart of the individual and if one just wants a quick look to see what the outcome may be, then this is a very simple method.

If this event happened a few hours earlier when the Moon was going over Uranus and Saturn then I am sure the people on board would have had a far harder time escaping to safety. All we have in life is a moment in time and if we can find a system to navigate the highways and byways of life so that it gets a little easier then I am all in favour.

For me, my system is the Ebertin method of Cosmobiolgy and the use of the 90 degree dial. Used pure and simple it is brilliant and my life is so blessed.

Airbus lands on the Hudson River Chart

Airbus lands on the Hudson River