American Elections 2008

Every four years the running of the Melbourne Cup coincides with the American Elections and although the date is the same, the timing is different, due to the time difference in the States.

So whilst we are jumping up and down for the winner of the racing cup Americans are sleeping looking forward with excitement to their big day. For Obama to win the 2008 presidential race, history will be made and the chart has to reflect this. (Will Bart Cummings make history with his 12th Melbourne Cup here in Australia.)

Similarities on the day must exist so we will take the lead from the flavour of the win here in Australia. The most powerful pattern is Pluto across to the Sun = Node (popularity, intellectual co-operation, team work, a record achievement and history in the making.) Sun/Node across to Pluto, would suggest a record turnout for voters which is not compulsory in the States and also a very popular winner in the horse race with record crowds.

Mars/Neptune (whilst in terms of a horse race can have some overseas connotations, for the new US President it would reflect the financial deception with the winner taking over under a global credit crunch and America in recession.

The one thing that does concern me is that in terms of compatibility, Obama has his natal Mars = the US chart Mars/Neptune. President Clinton had natal Mars/Neptune and so did the chart of America, although not on the same degree. It indicated to me at the time, that a scandal would erupt during his term in office, which proved to be correct.

I am not suggesting a scandal for Obama if he wins, but he would need to be protected during vulnerable periods in his chart in the event of an explosion. George W Bush’s natal Sun is very close to the Sun/Saturn of America’s chart and of course who could ever forget September 11th during his reign, so we can see the value of the compatibility chart as well as the mundane.

It does give us a glance into what events may take place at some stage. The two candidates for the US election are both worthy contenders in their own right but of course only one can win. McCain is a Virgo with the Moon in the sign of Capricorn.

He has a well grounded personality with a fine mind and a quiet air of confidence about him. Mars in Leo adds that dash of creativity and a sense of purpose. He loves nothing more than meeting a challenge and this election will prove to be his biggest challenge of all.

Barack Obama is a man of action and ideas. He is a Leo with the Moon in Gemini Here is a man who is an impressive speaker and has a natural ability to find the appeal to win public support. With Mars in Virgo he is hard working and the attainment of power and control is within his reach.

If elected this dynamic powerhouse will be just as at home in the board room as he will be in the oval office. Back to our election chart, the third and most telling pattern of all is the Venus/Saturn/Uranus which suggests sadness to do with women or separation in love. T

he polls are now suggesting an Obama win so the likely scenario is that his dearly beloved grandmother who helped raise him will die before he takes office. A few days ago he took the weekend off to be by her side and it was stated that she did not have long to live.

On the other side of the coin for the Venus/Saturn/Uranus, having the choice of a woman vice-president running mate for John McCain would not be wise as the obvious, sadness to do with women means him losing the election. Saturn, according to Robert Hand, in his book, “Planets In Transit” is one of the most important planets to examine in the chart, for it represents the way we see and experience the universe as it is structured. Sometimes it is seen as a product of fate.”

The Venus/Saturn/Uranus pattern described above for election day could turn out to be the most profound pattern of the chart. It is equal the Venus/Saturn in McCain’s natal chart which indicates a physical and emotional loss. History tells me that politicians with a natal Venus/Saturn serve their country out of a sense of duty but it seems they are destined not to fulfil their dreams of reaching great heights and if they do their reign is cut short for some reason.

In Australia we have had three notable politicians with this aspect. Andrew Peacock despite being extremely popular and good looking never got to be Prime Minister of Australia. (He was eventually defeated by John Howard.) Prime Minister, Harold Holt, drowned and Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam was dismissed both during their term in office.

So; the scene is set and the long drawn out election race is coming to the finishing line. Here in Australia we will not know the results until late on Wednesday afternoon.

So let he contest begin. Results: With the transiting Sun = Moon’s Node across to Pluto, history was made on Tuesday 4th November, 2008. Barack Obama has won the election and will become the 44th President of the United States in January 2009. The Venus/Saturn played out with his grandmother dying before he was elected and sadness for John McCain and his female running mate Sarah Palin.

On reflection we can say that the pattern did not favour a woman president either and a clue as to perhaps why Hilary Clinton missed out on the nomination. Obama won in a landslide and now faces the challenge of hope in the form of change for the people of America.

It will be a bumpy ride as Pluto progresses through Capricorn for the next 15 years. Pluto is also joined in the cardinal signs by Saturn and Uranus so for every step forward toward change there will be two steps backward. The vulnerable periods will be from February 2013 until February 2016 when Pluto activates the Sun/Saturn of America’s chart.

Pluto’s last transit through Capricorn bought some of the harshest conditions in history and the real change did not take place until Pluto moved into Aquarius.

It is up to Obama to try and put some solid foundations in place during his first term, to protect his country from the slippery slide that it has now found itself in. Good luck Mr President.

Obama Election Day Chart

American Elections 2008

McCain Election Day Chart

American Elections 2008