Angelina Jolie Horoscope

Once upon a time there was a spoilt, bold and presumptuous girl called Angelina Jolie. She was born on 4th June, 1975 at 9.09 am in Los Angeles, California to parents, John Voight and Marcheline Bertrand.

Angelina was gliding through life at top speed with a devil-may-care attitude. However, all this seemed to have changed since she met and teamed up with a highly conservative, practical and disciplined Brad Pitt. This high profile couple now concentrate on their humanitarian work as much as they do on their acting.

Jolie, was born under the inquisitive sign of Gemini and in her earlier years she showed all the negative traits that this mercurial sign can portray. Lack of discipline, fickle and superficial. (Her bad behaviour has been well documented.)

Gemini’s are most happy when they are involved in many pursuits and now that she and Brad are a couple on a global scale, this will certainly help fulfil her restlessness. This young woman has the Moon, which rules our emotions in the highly volatile sign of Aries. There is a tendency with this placement to stop and start, to swing from action to inaction.

The marriage of the Moon in this sign can create inner conflict and nervous tension. However, much can be accomplished in a practical way, as on the positive side, it combines intelligence with feeling. She has two adopted children, Maddox and Zahara, bringing out the nurturing qualities of her Venus (love) and Ascendant (ego) in the sign of Cancer (home and family). Like Elizabeth Taylor her popularity and success show up on the 90 degree dial with the planet Venus = Uranus and this certainly contributes to a person’s artistic qualities as well. These two planets also link in to Chiron and her Ascendant. The Sun and Neptune linking in to the Vertex show a predisposition to travel and also health and well being, so this could possibly stimulated her desire to help others more unfortunate than herself.

She was quoted as saying that she gave approximately on third of her earning to charity. Career wise there is a pattern in the cardinal signs that indicates she can have an unsettled life with many changes. This pattern is Jupiter/Saturn to her Mid-Heaven.(guide to our career potential) She has certainly been on the move, with homes in several different continents. At the moment she is in Africa with Brad Pitt, awaiting the birth of their first biological child. So: despite her troubled early past, since meeting Brad Pitt on the film set of Mr and Mrs Smith in early 2005, there seems to be some sort of metamorphism taking place. Maybe the caterpillar is finally turning into the butterfly.

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Angelina Jolie Horoscope

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Angelina Jolie Horoscope