Anna Nicole Smith Death Horoscope

Recently we looked at Anna Nicole Smith’s horoscope after her son died. In every given year, there are certain planetary signatures that give us a clue as to what lies in store for the days ahead.

When we say a signature, we mean a trend, a thread, a clue, as to whether this will be a good day or a bad day, – good news or bad news. The week that Anna Nicole Smith died was one such week, where the Sun (giver of life) made aspects to Saturn and Neptune indicating, suffering, painful tormenting circumstances and inhibitions.

So; given this information it was no surprise to hear of the death of Anna Nicole Smith, which has given the paparazzi a carcass to feed off.

This colourful celebrity, famous for being famous, died suddenly, as she lived, in bizarre circumstances.

She celebrated the birth of a second child, a daughter on 7th September, 2006 in the Bahamas, but then elation quickly turned to grief as she mourned the loss of her son, Daniel who died a few days later, in the same hospital room as the baby’s birth.

Born on the 28th November, 1967 in Houston Texas, Anna Nicole Smith was the subject of a recent article on my web site in which I said that she would continue to test the fickle finger of fate and test it she did.

Her son Daniel Wayne Smith was born on 22nd January, 1986, presumably in Texas, her home state and on this day the Sun was in the sign of Aquarius and the Moon in Cancer or Gemini depending on what time he was born. Either way this is a very romantic combination and unless one can translates this energy into an artistic career, then it makes it very difficult to live in the real world.

The contrast of Mars in the sign of Scorpio (intense energy) and Venus in Aquarius (an erratic love life) in his chart can bring instability and lack of meaningful purpose in life. With this aspect, idealism is strongly mixed with critical tendencies and discomfort can arise through disappointment when people do not live up to your standards.

The writer David Spangler, in his book, Parents as Mystic, Mystic as Parent says that, “Creating a family in which a child can know safety, support, empowerment and love is one of the most profound acts of service that any human being can provide.

If at times the darkness of the world seems to press in close, then healthy, happy families – whatever shape or form they take, as long as the children within them are protected and enabled to grow in balanced ways – are part of the bulwark that protects us.” This statement is very true. I was a Child Care Directress for many years before studying Cosmobiology.

From the study of children, one can learn a lot as they are so true and real. No pretenses, airs or graces, they just tell it like it is. Looking back on my own family circumstances I realize it was extremely dysfunctional, however, we did have the love of both parents which stood the test of time.

Sadly, it appears that during difficult times, neither Anna Nicole nor her son Daniel, had this family bulwark to fall back on. Looking at the compatibility chart on the 90 degree dial between mother and son we see the links were extraordinary with Neptune being the common thread. Anna Nicole’s Neptune was to the Mars of her son. (Misfortune to suffer harm or exploitation) Daniel’s Neptune was across the dial to the Mercury of his mother. (Self deception and scandal) which in turn was being triggered by her Solar Arc Neptune and transiting Neptune, as you will see in the other two charts.

Neptune is the planet of mystery, hidden events, behind the scenes. Its dark side is escapism through self–delusion, drugs, alcohol and sexual fantasy. However, Neptune on the positive side can enhance the spiritual and philosophical side of our lives.

When dealing with Neptune, one has to be careful as there is a very fine line between reality and illusion, lies and the truth. I have long come to the conclusion that if one has to have a Neptune connection in the natal chart, then the best planet to have is Saturn as it does bring a sober balance back into our lives.

I have Saturn/Neptune in my natal chart and although it does have its moments I know it keeps me on the straight and narrow. In a future article I hope to highlight the strengths of this aspect and the successful people that have it in their charts. When Daniel Smith died on September 10th, 2006 by Solar Arc there was a double up of Mercury/Neptune. He had Neptune = Mercury and Mercury across the dial to his Neptune.

Recently I have seen several charts with this aspect, where people have died suddenly and unexplainably, in their sleep. However, all cases these people have been known to have used drugs heavily, including the use of prescription drugs. It does not appear to be a drug overdoses as such, but a body tired and worn out through substance abuse, including alcohol, leading to a weakened constitution.

When Anna Nicole died suddenly on 8th February, 2007, her Solar Arc Neptune had moved to 4 Capricorn 24 setting up another Mercury/Neptune crisis triggered by the transiting Sun = Neptune. Considering her past history of drugs and the grief she was suffering at the time, Neptune had dissolved all sense of reality, leaving her prey to confusion, doubt and insecurity, bringing to an end her sad and tragic life.

Alexander Ruperti in his book, Cycles of Becoming, sums it up in this way, “The myriad of artificial paradise symbolized by the negative aspect of Neptune – the confusion, glamour, self-deception, illusion and the various escapes into drugs and alcohol – are all due to the individual’s refusal to face the totality of life’s situation.”

All the money and glamour did not save her from herself. Living her life as an illusion, wanting to dream the dreams of Marilyn Monroe are all but a distant memory. She will now remember as the woman who kept the American lawyers in wages and pocket money for decades.

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Anna Nicole Smith Death Horoscope

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Anna Nicole Smith Death Horoscope