Anna Nicole Smith Horoscope

Anna Nicole Smith’s bizarre lifestyle continues to intrigue the paparazzi and probably will do so, for some time to come.

Recently she celebrated the birth of a second child, a daughter but joy quickly turned to sorrow as her son, Daniel died mysteriously in the same hospital room as the baby’s birth.

This high profile young lady was born on November 28th 1967, in Houston Texas where things have always been known to be larger than life and where many colourful people have played a part in their history. On the day of her birth, the Sun was in the sign of Sagittarius, an enthusiastic, optimistic sign at the best of times.

However, it just so happened that on the same day, the planet Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, was also in close aspect.

This not only accentuates her larger than life personality but suggests a wheeler-dealer in the manipulation of people’s lives. Anna Nicole Smith (real name Vickie Lynn Hogan) also enjoys a challenge and is not afraid of a good fight in the open market of human frailty, which is just as well, because her court battle over the estate of her late husband, Billionaire, J. Howard Marshall has been ongoing for over a decade.

With the Sun in Sagittarius and Mars, planet of physical energy in Scorpio, she lives her life on a roller coaster, with all the highs and lows, ups and downs that over indulging and living to excess can bring.

The word “no” means nothing to her and she would not recognise defeat if it smacked her in the mouth. She just picks herself up, dusts herself off and starts all over again. Adding to this interesting combination is Venus, planet of love and creativity in the sign of Aquarius which makes her a little detached, although still idealistic in relationships.

Much has been written about her marriage to entrepreneur, J. Howard Marshall, 63 years her senior and although most of us would like to think it was for his money, in a strange way she found comfort and stability in his fame and fortune.

A product of a broken marriage, Anna Nicole was attracted more to the security he provided, than the wealth and the power that goes with so much money. Only a person with Venus in Aquarius could marry someone so much older than themselves for affection and companionship. Anna Nicole’s baby was born on the day of a lunar eclipse.

For those versed in astrology, an eclipse is the partial blocking out of the light, or occultation, of one heavenly body by another. The maximum number of eclipses in one year is seven: either five solar and two lunar or four solar and two lunar and are used in the same way as an ingress chart, in conjunction with the natal chart. Eclipses come under the heading of mundane astrology and are another useful tool in predictive work especially when using the 90 degree dial. An eclipse in aspect to the natal chart indicates a major change in some way.

The lunar eclipse has an orb of one month and a solar eclipse, six months. This lunar eclipse on September 7th was not an easy one as it was close to the planet Uranus indicating accidents, tension and sudden upsets.

If we take a look at Anna Nicole Smith’s natal chart we see that the eclipse was across the dial to Mars within a two degrees orb, making two strong midpoints to Saturn/Neptune, indicating sudden upsets and the undermining of health and the other midpoint to her natal Sun/Pluto which can mean a danger to life.

At the same time, transiting Saturn and Neptune close to the natal Mercury indicates a dark period in one’s life, dwelling on heavy or difficult thoughts. Putting this information into perspective, in a cruel twist of fate this eclipse chart is also the baby’s birth chart suggesting that she was born, never to know her brother.

By Solar Arc we observe the Moon, Node and Mars to Jupiter which indicated that at least she was happy at the impending birth and looking forward to a new phase in her life. Her lawyer Howard K. Stern has since come forward and stated that he is the father of the baby and that he and Anna Nicole have been in a relationship for about three years. So here we see a mixture of contrasts and contradictions.

On one hand she is happy at the birth of daughter Dannielyn but on the other hand, sad for the loss of her son. However, Anna Nicole Smith is used to making the best of situations, and one thing we can be sure of, her restlessness personality will continue to test the fickle finger of fate, as her inexhaustible energy and aggressive passion continues to search for love, romance and companionship, on the merry-go-round of life.

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Anna Nicole Smith Horoscope

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Anna Nicole Smith Horoscope