Aussie Miners Rescued Alive

Much of the news headlines around the world in the past two weeks, particularly in Australia have centered round the mining disaster in Beaconsfield, Tasmania, when a minor earthquake on Tuesday April 28th at 9.23pm triggered a rock fall which trapped three men underground. Fourteen other men escaped from the mine.

Thus began a long and arduous task of finding the trapped miners who were 925m underground.

Mundane astrology is the term used by astrologers to look at everyday events and how they affect the human race.

A horoscope is a map and astrology is the language that allows astrologers to read its signs and symbols. Therefore, just as we can interpret the chart of an individual, we can also look to events and predict the possible outcome.

We first take a look at Australia’s chart on the 90 degree dial to the Aries ingress to look for a clue to why this event happened.

Australia’s horoscope is cast for 1st January 1901 when Federation of Australian States first took place. There are various charts for Australia but I use this one because I have had excellent results over the past 20 years or so.

The Ingress Mars to Pluto in Australia’s chart is the first thing that ones sees as it is a brutal aspect at the best of times, indicating a dangerous time ahead. Many tragedies show up when Mars = Pluto and Pluto = Mars.

On the plus side of course, even though the mining disaster killed one man, 14 walked free and two more were rescued.

If we look to the positive side of this pattern we have, super human strength and the ability to demonstrate extra ordinary force and vigour, which of course both the trapped men and rescuers had to have. Also for the rescuers, the obsession to work with out a break.

From the moment they discovered the two men, Brant Webb and Todd Russell alive, work went on around the clock in efforts to save them in extremely hazardous conditions. (All reference to these aspect are from, “The Combination of Stellar Influences” by Ebertin.)

Other aspects on the ingress are Mercury/Uranus, eccentric conditions and upsets and excitement. Uranus/Mars, accidents, struggle and survival. Pluto/Neptune, particular states of soul experiences and a grievous loss.

This aspect is quite profound as it does indicate the loss of one minor, Larry Knight and the soul experience of two men trapped in a cage under ground for two weeks together.

On the day of the accident the Sun was in aspect to Saturn which is a very karmic aspect and in a mundane chart can indicate separation or death. It can also have to do with working in a secluded or solitary mode of life. In this case very profound indeed.

Scanning the chart for a positive sign, we have the EP (environment) Venus (love and harmony) and Mid-Heaven (career potential) all very close together and this gives us hope indicating warm hearted attachments.

I have followed this event very closely over the past two weeks and once we knew that it was going to be a slow process it appeared to me that we would have to wait until yesterday as transiting Venus was equal the transit Node and this is a fabulous aspect for survival and an outpouring of great love and affection. I awoke precisely at 4.47am this morning the same time as the men came out of their tomb and turned on the news.

In this 21st century, there is a tendency to be self absorbed and live lives that are disconnected from those around us.

It is amazing how a tragedy can galvanise a nation and pull a close community even closer. Today a community rejoices and a nation gives thanks.

As the two men were making their accent, one could only think of that great song by the Australian group AC/DC, “It’s a Long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.”

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Aussie Miners Rescued Alive

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Aussie Miners Rescued Alive