Australia Libra Ingress

A new cycle of transformation is in process as the “big guns” Uranus/Pluto continue to transit the cardinal signs. There are seven exact squares in their alignment of the new world order and this is the second one which shows up in this ingress.

The first square was in the June quarter so those whose charts are activated will be in the process of change which could take up to three years. Anyone with planets between 6 and 17 degrees of the cardinals will be affected. Also on the other side of the chart which is 50 to 60 degrees of the fixed.

Australia Libra Ingress

Thanks to Sue Jarrett, Secretary Victorian Astrologers Association for this chart – click to view a larger image

Those who plan carefully should be able to make these challenges work for them in what ever area of you life you need to make changes.

With Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn no matter how fast you want the changes to occur they will have their own agenda.

Uranus in Aries is striving for reform and Pluto in Capricorn means we will make these changes but only when they are the right ones. So plans may change many times over the next three years so being flexible and open is the secret to success.

Other changes to take place in this quarter is Saturn, planet of restriction and frustration moving from Libra into Scorpio where it will be much more comfortable. Working in the metaphysical world will certainly have many advantages.

Also; the Moon’s Node has changed signs from Sagittarius into Scorpio and will help us work within the boundaries of Pluto in Capricorn. However; on the negative side we will still see much more social climbing and egotism within the community.

As Libra rises in the national horoscope each year, it heralds an important time for the politicians to make the valued decisions that affect our population, citizens of this wonderful country.

Over the years there have been several versions of the Australian chart but I like the London GMT chart that gives Libra rising. This is the chart that Doris Greaves used when making her predictions for the New Idea Magazine for over 17 years.

At one stage her predictions were so accurate that a helicopter would come to her home in Red Hill, Victoria, Australia, bringing journalists for an update on what was going on.

I have also tested this one for over 25 years and find it to be accurate for my predictions. We are a Capricorn country but we do express many Libran qualities on a national level.

Doris Greaves said, “Libra is a very creative sign and consequently our artist, musicians and sculptors have achieved world acclaim. We can also now add to that, our actors, actresses, film directors, models and authors.

The sporting prowess, that is the signature for our great sportsmen and women, comes through Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, all in the sign of Sagittarius, and our mining and mineral wealth comes through the Sun in Capricorn. It is hard to believe that our mining boom will come to an end whilst Pluto is in Capricorn. The demand may fluctuate but overall we should still do well.

There are two major themes that show up in our Ingress chart for Australia this quarter. The first is Saturn in Libra across to the Venus/Mars/Uranus/Pluto of Australia’s chart. Semi-squares and sesiquadrates are very powerful aspects and with the Saturn/Mars being the major aspect here there is the possibility of loosing a major Australian icon, the death of a famous person or elder statesperson.

The other pattern is the continuing deception in Australia’s parliament. This shows up with Neptune=Moon’s Node and Ingress Moon=Australia’s chart Mercury/Neptune. There are two major ongoing scandals in our Parliament at the moment.

They are one concerning Independent, Peter Slipper(born 14 February, 1950 in Melbourne and the Craig Thompson debacle,(born 31 July 1954, Wellington New Zealand.) People wonder why these two cases just can’t be cleaned up but with Neptune moving ever so slowly over the Moon’s Node in Sagittarius and prior to that making a prolonged mid-point to Australia’s Moon/Node, we will be lucky if we ever get the truth on these two cases.

We also have news already that the mining tax introduced into parliament on 2/11/2011 which was supposed to produce a profit tax of 30 per cent on all new and existing coal and iron projects and make billions of dollars profit for the government has produced no profits at all. How deceptive is that?

With all the deception, it is highly unlikely that Treasure Wayne Swan’s proposed budget surplus will eventuate. The economy whilst may be of good standing according to the standard of other countries around the world, will definitely have its difficulties over the next 12 months.

With Uranus and Pluto, the two “big guns” still in the process of transformation for a while yet, we will just have to sit tight and enjoy the roller coaster ride as we watch the bringing in of the new order as dispose of the old.

Australia Libra Ingress