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Hi, my name is Glorija Lawrence, I am a professional astrologer with over 30 years of experience practising Cosmobiology. Want to learn Cosmobiology yourself? You can! I run Cosmobiology courses via Udemy:

Bindi Irwin Horoscope

Born to parents Terri and the late Steve Irwin, on the 24th July 1998, this pint size dynamo has the Sun, Moon and Mercury, all in the sign of Leo which makes a person deeply ambitious and driven toward success. Like the Lion, the symbol of Leo, these people have a strong fighting spirit, with a “never-give-up, do-or die attitude.” So it is no surprise that this young lady wants to continue the successful career that her father laid down the foundations for.

George W Bush Midterm Election Horoscope

On Tuesday November 7th 2006, whilst Australian’s were in the midst of a horse racing frenzy, the American people had much more serious issues on their mind when they were voting in their midterm elections. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia tells us that these are the elections in which members of Congress, State Legislatures, and some State Governors are elected, but not the President.

Melbourne Cup 2006 Horoscope

Every year, around 3.00 pm on the first Tuesday in November, here in Melbourne, we run the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most prestigious horse race. It is a race that stops a nation and over the past few years it has steadily gained momentum around the world. It is twenty years, this year, since I got my first paid astrological writing assignment.

James Packer Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd (PBL)

Considered a master stroke, his sale of 50 per cent of Publishing & Broadcasting Ltd (PBL) to a consortium of overseas private equity players, CVC Asia Pacific for approximately 5.5 billion dollars, will free up cash for the young Mr Packer to pursue his interest in global gambling and gaming opportunities.

Corey Lidle Yankee Pitcher Plane Crash Horoscope

When we turned on CNN’s television news this morning, we awoke to an eerie scene, reminiscent of September 11. A small plane had crashed into a 50 storey residential building in New York’s downtown Manhattan. It was later alleged that plane was registered to New York Yankee baseball player, Corey Lidle and that his passport had been found at the scene of the crash.

Anna Nicole Smith Horoscope

This high profile young lady was born on November 28th 1967, in Houston Texas where things have always been known to be larger than life and where many colourful peop