Bindi Irwin Horoscope

Once upon a time there was a song that went like this, “the whole town’s talking about the Jones boy.” Now we have the updated version called, “the whole world’s talking about Bindi Sue the Jungle Girl.” Looking every inch the Hollywood star, little Bindi strode the red carpet in Los Angeles earlier this month like a professional and rightly so, as her horoscope reveals her celebrity status.

Born to parents Terri and the late Steve Irwin, on the 24th July 1998, this pint size dynamo has the Sun, Moon and Mercury, all in the sign of Leo which makes a person deeply ambitious and driven toward success.

Like the Lion, the symbol of Leo, these people have a strong fighting spirit, with a “never-give-up, do-or die attitude.” So it is no surprise that this young lady wants to continue the successful career that her father laid down the foundations for.

The media, particularly here in Australia have been critical of her mother Terri Irwin’s stance on allowing the girl to perform and continue to walk in the shoes of her famous father, but she is astute enough to know that Bindi is bursting out of her human form to become the person she is destined to be and no one has the right to deny her that.

The mere fact that she is only eight years of age is irrelevant and provided there is sensible supervision we should let Bindi do what she does best and that is, being herself. The strong Leo influence gives a sunny disposition and a desire for attention, loyalty and praise.

Leo’s are generous and capable of strong leadership. It also confers an extremely fine ability to gauge the mood of the public. So while the public want Bindi she will be extremely giving of herself. Leo’s have a great need to be loved and don’t care if it is family love, romantic love or hero worship. Vital to their success is the need to be wanted and appreciated.

Linda Goodman said in her Sun Sign book that there are no introverted Leo’s, only those who pretend to be.” Leo’s are usually the ones found centre stage; in fact the entire world’s a stage for those born under this sign. The Leo personality cannot help feeling superior, so full of themselves, that at times they can be bordering on arrogance. However, the Leo arrogance in this horoscope is tempered somewhat by Mars, planet of energy and drive, in the sign of Cancer giving Bindi Sue a love of home and family life.

How lucky is she, as a full on Leo with Mars in Cancer, to have the love and support of a devoted family, surely one of the ingredient in this horoscope, for success. In terms of family bonds and closeness, they don’t come much closer than the Irwin family.

They lived, loved and worked together and it is this remarkable bond that has enabled Terri to view her husband’s death in a more spiritual, than physical way. I believe she has the gift of Grace, which, on a more spiritual plane, illuminates the path before us, moving through our intuition, and helping us with the choices we make.

Caroline Myss in her book, “Invisible acts of Power” describes life force on the physical plane, where most of us live, as neutral undirected energy that surrounds us and supports the vitality of all beings, but Grace has the dimension of a more spiritual quality. She goes on to say that Grace is, “an energy infused with a force greater than our own, and a divine intervention. When it arrives – usually unannounced or unrequested, “out of the blue” – it fills you with a luminous awareness that is different from everyday consciousness; it makes you come alive with vision and determination and strength to act.” Caroline also says, “Grace is the organizing force behind “coincidences,” the synchronistic experiences in our lives that some consider chance but are definitely not random.”

So; it is probably no coincidence that Terri Irwin has this remarkable quality to keep going, to stay focused on her children, Bindi and Bob, to remain strong when all her emotions dictate that she fall apart and to look to the future when the present is too painful. (As quoted in the Australian Woman’s Weekly, December 2006.) Young Bindi is in good hands, not only with her mother’s Grace but also her horoscope, which promises much. On the Cosmobiology wheel, Bindi has two patterns that stand out.

The first is the Sun = Neptune and although it is in opposition in traditional astrology, on the positive side it gives abundant, mystical experiences in the spiritual and psychic realms and journey to far distant places. (my son has the Sun/Neptune aspect in his natal chart and although for many years I thought it played out by his mother being an astrologer, he now has a Government job, which takes him all around the world.) The second pattern, the natal Venus midpoint the Mars/Jupiter, is the one that makes Bindi such an effervescent personality.

This aspect gives rich perceptive qualities and feelings, harmonious self expression and wonderful creative qualities and to anyone who has watched her perform, her on-screen appeal is very, very obvious. Bindi Sue Irwin is a natural, performing comes as easy to her as breathing so why would we want to stifle something so wonderful. She has shown such amazing presence and style, for one so young through the very public death of her father.

Coming into play by Solar Arc, we see that Jupiter is triggering the Venus midpoint, indicating the tendency to gain popularity quickly and also at the same time, by transit, Pluto/Mars is equal to her natal Jupiter. Ebertin’s description of this is expressed in terms of unusual success and the right use of one’s energy.

Today, people it seems are very quick to judge what is right for a person, but as astrologers we know that everyone is different and we progress at different rates. However, even as astrologers, we are quick to judge. Ebertin once pointed out, most people are only concerned with their own horoscope and that of their relatives and friends, and figure that is enough to decide how a certain pattern will work out, but he emphasized strongly that one needs to study a great deal of charts to draw definite conclusions.

Bindi Sue has a great balance in her chart so I have no fear that she cannot handle success. Jupiter in the sign of Pisces makes her one of the great observers of life and having been brought up in a zoo environment where entering and leaving the world are normal occurrences amongst the animal kingdom, she is only too painfully aware of the cruel reality that goes with the highs and lows of life. Saturn, the planet that brings the sober balance to our life is in the strong sign of Taurus and bestows upon this little girl, all the fine makings of a solid citizen with a good hold of the earth.

Steve Irwin left us a legacy with his wild life park but he also left instructions and a pathway for Terri and the children to follow. So may his light continue to shine and guide them toward greater wisdom and knowledge and may it be a light that can never be extinguished.

Bindi Irwin Horoscope
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Bindi Irwin Horoscope
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