Bobbi Kristina Brown

The Tragic fate of a Young Woman

All the voices in my mind calling out across the line, This is how it ends, I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream. Fading out and in, I feel the chemicals burn In my bloodstream, so tell me when it kicks in.

The words from the song, “Bloodstream,” by Ed Sheerin seem to resonate with the life and times of both Whitney Houston who drowned in the bath tub and her daughter Bobbi Kristina who died recently in almost identical circumstances.

The Coroner’s report says that Houston died from heart disease and cocaine use and although we are not sure of the circumstances surrounding the death of daughter, Bobbi Kristina, we do know that she had her own substance-abuse problems.

Born to superstar parents, Witney Houston and Bobby Brown on 4th March 1993 at 11.38 am in Livingstone New Jersey it was always going to be a public life. On the day she was born the Sun was in the sign of Pisces and the Moon in the sign of Cancer which can be a very shy and sensitive combination. Mars, planet of enterprise and impulse was also in the sign of Cancer giving the need for emotional balance and tranquillity to be able to stand up to the harshness and the reality of life.

Further investigation of the chart shows a stellium in the cardinal signs with three planets Venus, Neptune, Uranus and the Moon are in a tight orb. This adds a degree of sensitivity and a lack of stamina and vitality to the chart.

There was also another difficult pattern for her to contend with, which was the Saturn, Pluto opposition during 1993 and this had repercussions for many youngsters born around this period during their teenage years when transiting Neptune triggered this pattern.

To make it even more dramatic Mars, planet of will-power went across the Saturn/Pluto of the natal chart, which Ebertin describes in his book, “The Combination of Stellar Influences,” as the necessity to fight for one’s existence.

Brown’s life was anything but stable and certainly not peaceful and tranquil as her chart demanded. Her parent’s fame kept her in the public eye and there were difficulties due to her parent’s drug problems and domestic violence. She was 14 when her parents divorced and she went to live with her mother.

Both mother and daughter were born with Saturn, planet of frustrations and denial in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn takes approximately 28 years to go through all signs of the zodiac, spending around two and a half years in each sign.

A Saturn return is a powerful time in one’s life so we know that Whitney was around that age when Bobbi Kristina was born.

Saturn in Aquarius is not the easiest placement in the horoscope as it does not abide the restriction of freedom. It makes it hard for these individuals to accept the duty that Saturn demands.

It was widely reported at the time of her mother’s death in 2012, that the young girl was inconsolable and admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles for a few days to recuperate. Whilst it is understandable that when one loses a parent at an early age they would be locked in grief, it is unusual for a person to be hospitalised.

It is always interesting looking at charts of people born close together to see how their lives play out. My first granddaughter was born 16 days after Bobbi Kristina and certainly we had many difficult times during her teenage years and she has also had her share of fame. During those difficult times we were able to help keep her grounded through my knowledge of astrology.

American tennis player, Sloane Stephen was also born on the same day as my granddaughter, but across the other side of the world, in Plantation, Florida so the charts are slightly different. She is currently ranked 34 by Woman’s Tennis Association but was touched by tragedy in 2009 when her father was killed in a car accident.

Looking at Bobbi Kristina’s Solar Arc for age 22, we see that Pluto was equal the Moon’s Node across to Mars. This pattern can be associated with a common or tragic destiny so she was always going to be vulnerable.

There was also a transiting Pluto, planet of invisible forces, to natal Jupiter, planet of luck and spirituality, across to transiting Jupiter. After being on life support for six months we could say it was a spiritual release. May be the loss of her mother was all too much for this super sensitive young lady because a few days before she was found she had tweeted, “Miss you mommy…So much loving you more every sec.”

Her mother’s death was a tragedy. Drugs clearly paid a big part in her early demise and it is possible that her daughter’s early death will also be the result of drugs in some shape or form

So; why drugs? These generally speaking are any chemical substance natural or synthetic, which alters the structure or function of the body and mind. Drugs destroy homes and tear families apart and once tasted they are your master, and you are their slave.

The message is clear, stay away from drugs of all kind especially certain prescription drugs because many of them are also toxic and mind altering. I have never taken drugs but I am sure you feel the chemicals within the minute you ingest them. The highs only last a short time, the lows are oh so much longer. It is far better to find the passion within and get high on life.

Focus on the present; do not allow past mistakes, disappointment and regrets to cast a shadow over or to eclipse one’s enjoyment of the present.

So; this is how it ends! You feel the chemicals burn within your bloodstream. Bobbi Kristina was found face down in a bath tub in her home in Georgia by her partner Nick Gordon and a friend, on 31st January, 2015. Unresponsive, she was kept in a medically induced coma and later placed in hospice care until, July 26 2015 where surrounded by family, she passed from this world to the next.

Rest in Peace, Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown Quad Chart

bobbi kristina quad chart

Bobbi Kristina Brown 360 + 90 Chart

Bobbi Kristina Brown 360 + 90 Chart