Boris Nemtsov

Boris Nemtsov was shot dead in cold blood at around 11.31 pm, as he and girlfriend, Anna Duritskaya walked hand in hand across a bridge next to the Kremlin in Moscow after a night out on Friday 27th February 2015.

Charismatic trouble maker and political maverick, Nemtsov made his mark in Russian politics during the 1990’s as former deputy prime minister and opposition leader under Boris Yeltsin in the post-Soviet Union Russia.

He was one of the leading lights of an opposition struggling to try and gain ground in a country where President Vladimir Putin has the monopoly.

Since 2012, Nemtsov has been involved as co-founder and co-chairman of the Republican Party of Russia (People’s Freedom Party,) however, he did not have any representatives in the state Duma, the Russian Parliament.

This controversial figure has been arrested many times for unauthorised protests and in recent months had voiced growing concerns that his life was at risk. Nemtsov was in Moscow to organise a protest rally against Russian involvement in the war in Ukraine and the Russian financial crisis.

Most news reports called his death a killing or murder but it had all the hallmarks of an assassination. The word assassination is defined in the 1967 book, “The Assassins,” by AV Syme as meaning simply to kill by sudden or secret attack. It is no more than a synonym for murder but in usage it is applied mainly to murder for some political purpose. When a politician or political figure or government official is killed it comes into its own.

Nemtsov was born in Sochi, Russia on 9th October, 1959 under the zodiac sign of Libra and with the Moon in the ambitious sign of Capricorn, had a strong chart and a talent for managing people. On the day he was born Mars, planet of energy and drive was also in the sign of Libra, which gave him his undeniable good-looks and charm.

Sometimes Librans are known for not being able to make a decision as it is the sign represented by the scales of justice however, this man had Mercury in the sign of Scorpio which made him well suited to the role of political activist.

These individuals can be an extremely gifted player of the cat and mouse game as when they are fixated on a goal or objective, they never give up.

He was outspoken, shrewd, and antagonistic, however he was able to use his creative talent and strong diplomatic skills constructively in fighting for the rights of others.

Another great strength in the chart is Saturn, in the testy and trying sign of Capricorn. These individuals can show a humble side to the world whilst still craving the lime light.

People with Saturn in Capricorn are hard working and driven but the need for status and prominence is still very high. It is a very dynamic placement for achievement if the signs of success are in the chart.

As a Cosmobiologist we also look at the patterns the planets and personal points make on the ninety degree chart. One of the other signs of success in Nemstov’s chart was Mars in Libra across the dial to Pluto in Virgo.

Many driven and successful people like cricketer, Shane Warne, political candidate, Hilary Clinton and media proprietor, talk show host and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey have this aspect.

However, one of the negative sides of this highly volatile aspect can sometimes be seen in the chart of people who are assassinated. That does not mean that all charts with a Mars/Pluto aspect will become the target of an assassins bullet, but by the same token if the energy is not used in a positive way it can go inward and become toxic.

Oprah Winfrey is a fine example of the positive side of the Mars/Pluto aspect having been raised in poverty in rural Mississippi and rising through her own endeavour to the status of a billionaire.

Another amazing tool for Cosmobiologist is the Solar Arc. First bought into prominence back in the 1930’s by German Astrologer Reinhold Ebertin and used specifically on the 90 degree chart, it is now gaining prominence and being used on a 360 degree chart by traditional/modern astrologers.

Noel Tyl, has this to say in his book, “Solar Arcs” it ties the primal symbolism of the Sun in its passage through time to our lifetimes in the past and in the future. However, its potency lies using the 90 degree chart and in the now moment.

The Solar Arc is used for a guide to the year ahead and one can immediately pick up the different events that may come to pass. For Nemtsov the Solar Arc pattern for the year did not look good.

Neptune, planet of deception had come to natal Saturn indicating problems with insecurity and anxiety. Also; on the negative side there can be the undermining of circumstances and an execution of plans which resulted in a plot to bring about his death.

On the Quad dial we see also that transiting Saturn was in aspect to his natal Venus/Pluto across to Mars. Unfortunately, with the interconnection between Pluto, Saturn and Mars there can be a threat to ones life. What was to be a protest march by Nemtsov, through Moscow on Sunday, 1st March, turned out to be a march to mourn his death. Five men have been arrested on charges of murder. Only one of the men has confessed so, time will tell what happens next!

Nemstov Death Quad Dial

Nemstov Death Quad Dial

Nemstov 360 and 90 Degree Natal Chart

Nemstov 360 and 90 Degree Natal Chart