Miranda Kerr and James Packer

It has been reported that since his split with his wife he has been romantically linked with super model Miranda Kerr who recently parted ways with husband, Orlando Bloom. Both have fervently denied the rumours saying that they are just friends but sometimes where there is smoke, there is a hot affair.

James Packer Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd (PBL)

Considered a master stroke, his sale of 50 per cent of Publishing & Broadcasting Ltd (PBL) to a consortium of overseas private equity players, CVC Asia Pacific for approximately 5.5 billion dollars, will free up cash for the young Mr Packer to pursue his interest in global gambling and gaming opportunities.

James Packer Horoscope

Once described as Australia's most enigmatic father and son combinations, James Packer must now emerge from his father's shadow. At age 23 James was already being groomed to take over a family fortune and now at 38, following the death of his father Kerry in December 2005, he has been left in charge of a multi-billion dollar business empire.

Kerry Packer Horoscope

Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer was born in Sydney on December 17th, 1937. He inherited the family empire in 1974 when he was just 36 years of age but it was far from a rags-to-riches story. During his years at the helm, he worked hard and played hard, turning something like $50 million into 12 billion dollars