Bobbi Kristina Brown Horoscope

The words from the song, “Bloodstream,” by Ed Sheerin seem to resonate with the life and times of both Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Oscar Pistorius Horoscope

Golden couple, sporting hero, Oscar Pistorius and girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp were media royalty in South Africa. They seemed to have it all and were recently dubbed the African equivalent, of England’s “Posh and Becks.”

Whitney Houston Horoscope

Whitney Houston was born to sing, some say she was a musical genius and had the perfect voice, but in February this year, she became just another in the long list of celebrities who have died in recent years from the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

Brittany Murphy Horoscope

Brittany Murphy was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 10th November 1977, (no time) which makes her a native of the sun sign Scorpio. On the day she was born, the Moon and Venus were also in the same sign.

Heath Ledger Horoscope

Heath Ledger was born on the 4th April 1979 in Perth (no time) and the one thing that stands out is, Venus, planet of love and beauty close to Saturn, planet of frustration and separation.

Benazir Bhutto Horoscope

Benazir Bhutto, the oldest child of former prime minister, Zulfkar Ali Bhutto, living in exile was lured back to help make a difference. Twice already she has been leader of Pakistan. Pakistan’s window of opportunity was cruelly shattered on December 27th when an assassin’s bullet cut short her life.

In Memory of Rachel

On 20th February, 2004 when Solar Arc Sun/Venus, to the natal Saturn of my daughter’s chart, became exact to the minute, the niece of a former partner of whom she was very fond, was murdered. The once in a lifetime extreme sadness had begun. Her name was Rachel, a happy healthy teenager with a wide circle of friends. On the night of February 20th, 2004 she had been out at the local hotel and went home with a man whom she considered a friend.