Corey Lidle Yankee Pitcher Plane Crash Horoscope

When we turned on CNN’s television news this morning, we awoke to an eerie scene, reminiscent of September 11.

A small plane had crashed into a 50 storey residential building in New York’s downtown Manhattan. It was later alleged that plane was registered to New York Yankee baseball player, Corey Lidle and that his passport had been found at the scene of the crash.

It has since been revealed that his flying instructor was also on the plane. Corey Lidle was born in Hollywood California, on 22nd March, 1972.

On the day he was born the Sun in Aries was in opposition to Pluto in Libra. (Astronomer’s can do and say all they like about Pluto, but it does not stop its amazing power in the horoscope of the individual)

People born on a day when the Sun is in aspect to Pluto have a sense of the dramatic and at the very least, are a force to be reckoned with. Pluto’s power is similar to the Hindu God of Shiva, the creator and the destroyer.

What makes this chart all the more powerful is that Pluto is 0 degree of Libra so each time we look at an ingress chart, the Sun/Pluto power is activated for good or bad depending on the other planets in aspect at the time.

Astrologers looking at my site, may recall that on the Cancer Ingress the Moon’s Node was in aspect to the Sun which is a very public position, and many people with planets on this degree were in the spotlight. Reading through Corey’s profile I noted that he was traded in the July 30th 2006, draft from the “Philadelphia Phillies” to the “New York Yankee’s,” which ties in with that Sun/Node pattern on the Ingress. Both the Sun and Moon were congruent, in cardinal signs on the day Lydle was born.

This Aries/Cancer combination made him extremely capable with a good deal of pride in his own ability, inside though was a sensitive interior. This combination also gave him a sort of determination, to live up to the best that was in him, particularly in the sporting prowess department. He also had very good intuitive understanding of both people and things, knowing just how to capture the imagination of the multitude of sporting fans.

With Venus, planet of love and beauty in the sign of Taurus, he had a great charm, energy and vitality about him. He was married with one son. Sometimes a planet looks innocent enough, but it is the degree of that planet that changes the vibration. Venus, in Lidle’s horoscope was on 27 degrees of Taurus, which is linked to the fixed star, Alcyone, one of the seven stars forming the group known as the Pleiades.

Ancient astrologers and astronomers placed great importance to these fixed stars in the constellation and gave them fanciful names which are still used today. Personal points of the horoscope attributed to this cluster in the natal chart are often considered very unfavourable. One of the manifestations of this degree of fixed stars can be violence.

The latest Solar eclipse on 22nd September was on 29 degrees of Virgo within a degree of his natal Pluto which in turn was triggered by the Solar Arc Mars. According to Ebertin’s book, “Combination of Stellar Influences,” the possible manifestation of this Eclipse pattern to Natal Pluto, which also makes a midpoint across the dial to Mars/Node could be a violent or forced separation of a partnership or union.

It has been revealed that Corey Lidle had two passions, baseball and flying. He was mesmerised by the idea of being a pilot and acquired his licence last year. According this morning’s news reports, he was determined he would do it safely and was proud of the way he had achieved his licence in a short space of time.

It may take several months for aviation experts to come up with their findings, but the indications in the horoscope are that this was just a tragic accident. A volatile horoscope awaiting its fate and destiny.

Corey Lidle’s was a man of power and passion He lived, he loved and he died, with the same vim and vigour that he played baseball, hard and fast. May he rest in peace. Please note: Interpretations for Fixed Stars and Eclipses can be found in Doris Greaves reprinted book, Regulus Ebertin Cosmobiology Beyond 2000 which can be purchased on my website.

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Corey Lidle Yankee Pitcher Plane Crash Horoscope

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Corey Lidle Yankee Pitcher Plane Crash Horoscope