Croatia Jewell in the Adriatic Crown

Croatia to me is the new found, “heaven on earth,” and slowly but surely, the world is starting to catch on.

In 1996, it was ranked 18th most popular tourist destination in the world with over 10 million tourists visiting the country. It is now rapidly becoming number one.

During the war from 1991 to 1995, Croatia became a republic and is slowly but surely rebuilding the economy and the standard of living is generally pretty good.

The year 2004 saw my brother Ivan, his wife Amanda and myself, go on a pilgrimage to visit our father’s home town, situated on an island, off the coast of Croatia. The visit was for what would have been, his 100th birthday.

We met up with my sister Geraldine in Italy, who had decided to go a couple of weeks earlier to celebrate our cousin Nick’s 70thbirthday. She headed back to Dubai where she worked and we headed off by ship to the island. Much to our surprise, what we found when we arrived, was the land that Dad, had owned for nearly a century, was still there untouched and awaiting our claim.

At the same time, as luck would have it, my horoscope revealed an enormous potential for land dealings. (Solar Arc Mercury = Natal Jupiter with transiting Uranus. Mercury-contracts, Jupiter-luck and fortunate events, Uranus-sudden and unexpected developments.) So; as the oldest of four children, I took it upon myself, to take over the negotiations and work with the contacts that had already been made. (My brother Paul visited Croatia in 2005, so all had seen the land.) “Jewell in the Adriatic Crown,” part one detailed my trip over to negotiate with the lawyer on acquiring this land.

As an extra bonus when I made the trip last year, transiting Jupiter was about to hit the Solar Arc syndrome. In my predictions I was hopeful that we could acquire the land when transiting Jupiter passed over the solar arc pattern which was 13th October, to 11th November 2007.

As the time approached, my Aries personality was getting a little anxious as nothing was happening. I decided to send a registered letter with return confirmation that it had been received, each week, after the 11th November. Patience is not an Aries virtue, and after my third letter, Jupiter closed in on Pluto in Sagittarius, for a once in a 240 year conjunction, square my Chiron and semi-square my Vertex, the land was settled in court on 3rd December, or so I thought.

Scanning the number of allotments allocated to us, I noticed that the main large parcel of land down near the sea didn’t appear to be in the list, so I immediately emailed the solicitor and asked where the land was? Their advice was that they did not know, but would check this out.

Much to our amazement, substantially more land was discovered, almost three times more than our original allocation and given to us by the court on 18th February 2008. Whilst in essence this sounds great, we still did not appear to have the large piece of farmland down by the sea.

In my predictions in the previous article I had said that the Cancer Ingress 2008 was still good for negotiating land, as Jupiter (luck) was equal my natal Mercury (contracts). So; once again I planned a trip to Croatia. This time it was very difficult to find some helpful aspects, as on the Aries Ingress I had Mars conjunct Saturn in Cancer, and this could eventuate in some sort of crisis, if not the death of a family member.

The pattern I was experiencing to my natal chart can best be described as trying to plan a trip in the middle of a war zone, waiting for a time bomb to go off. But the Aries/Leo part of me, decided it could be done. The trip was planned and paid for leaving on 18th June and returning on 3rd July.

The expected crisis turned up on 22nd May, in the form of my 42 year old daughter having a heat attack. Fortunately I was able to act quickly. She had emergency hospital treatment and is now making a good recovery. Therefore by 18th June she was well enough for me to leave. (This story I will document shortly with her permission.)

My husband Gavan and astrologer friend Kathy decided to come along on the trip as well. The travel agent had booked us via Hong Kong and on to Finland before arriving in Austria and catching the train through Slovenia and into Zagreb and Split.

We stayed in Helsinki for two nights and were able to organise a visit with two Cosmobiologists who had purchased Doris Greaves book from my web site. Astrology is such a wonderful tool for making friends all around the world and Tonja and her children and Mina were just delightful.

I am hoping that I will soon be able to return to Finland for a visit and lecture on the benefits of the Ingress patterns. On the Cancer Ingress, the Node was across to my Saturn/Neptune, with Venus hitting the natal Saturn on the day we visited the solicitor. Whilst both of these patterns can give a sense of duty, Venus Saturn always gives a disappointment.

I had arranged with the Solicitor to go with a surveyor to the farm land and identify it so we could try and locate it, but when we arrived we found the laws had changed and as there was now only one authorised surveyor on the island we did not have an appointment.

A long way to come for nothing. Again, not to be deterred, I did my own investigation and whilst at the land office getting maps of the land we have inherited outright, (much land now seems to have many owners giving voice to the transits of Neptune over my natal chart) I managed to get identification through photographs which I showed the young lady.

It now appears that we may have this land in our bundle but it seems to have a few more owners than it did when I secured a printout of some land in that area last year and which now are included on our inheritance. The list that I got in June 2007 said that it was one of one owner.

So; that is where we stand at the moment. My cousin Nick will be on the island for another two months and we are hoping that he will be able to show the surveyor the land and thus verify if we have it or not, and why there are new owners on the title.

One could say it is an arduous task but to me it is a labour of love. We had a fabulous time, with my two travellers falling in love with this part of the world. Kathy’s interest in Croatia stems from her son’s father who was from that part of the world and my husband just decided that he need to see where I was going every year.

We hired a blue Cabriole for the day (top down of course, with temperatures in the high 30’s) and travelled all over the island, getting to see some of the land that we own.

As an astrologer, we begin to believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence. We hired the car from the “Sirius” travel agency. Sirius is the fixed star that relates to large animals and astrology.

I have the Node in my natal chart conjunct Sirius and Doris used to say that it was one of the indicators that she saw, as my potential to become an astrologer. Just another sign to help me focus on returning to the homeland my father left so many years ago.

Croatia Trip 2008 Quad Dial

Croatia Trip 2008 Quad Dial

Glorija Cancer Ingress

Glorija Cancer Ingress