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On Wednesday, 29th March 2006, nearly fifteen years after he was killed in a car accident, Australian Rules Footballer and Collingwood hero, Darren (Pants) Millane was inducted into their hall of fame.

Born under the sign of Leo on August 9th, 1965, Darren Millane had all the attributes of hero status according to his star sign. Leo’s are extroverts, with a warm and generous personality. Darren was all of this and more. He was well known for his flamboyant lifestyle, fun loving and sociable, seeking the limelight and thriving on attention, which epitomises the positive side of Leo.

He was a born leader and certainly had a large band of followers. Known as the “larrikin” footballer, Darren was a player and a playboy. The newspapers described him as a talented, loveable rogue who lived life to the fullest. On the day he was born, Mercury planet of thought and communication was also in the sign of Leo and this highlighted his sense of the dramatic.

He was always the practical joker and liked nothing better than to set up his team mates and friends in embarrassing situations and then sit back and watch the fun with great merriment. According to top football commentator and media personality, Sam Newman, revelry was his “modus operandi.” However, on the other side of the coin, he was emotionally tough and this showed up through the Moon, (emotions) in the sign of Capricorn.

He was self-centred and demanding. At a very early age he knew what he wanted out of life and when he made the grade in the football world, he set out to be the best player that he could possibly be. The Moon in the sign of Capricorn, well placed in a horoscope is very favourable for achieving worldly success.

These people are determined to succeed and have a remarkable capacity to work well under pressure. Darren Millane was best described by his peers as a “knockabout bloke” bought up in the proverbial school of hard knocks. On his first day as a Collingwood recruit in 1984 he turned up at their training ground at Victoria Park, in long flared, floral pants, looking like the proverbial hippie. Hence the nick name, “Pants Millane.”

The Leo/Capricorn blend gives a sense of the dramatic. He could be totally outrageous and get away with it. But it was on the playing field his brilliance really came through. He put all jokes aside and was committed to the job in hand. He kept his eye on the ball and was brilliant in reading, “the play.”

When calling for the ball during the match, he had the roar of the lion (the symbol for his Leo Sun sign) and woe–betide anyone who would not comply with his instructions. The Sun (personality) in aspect to Neptune (receptivity) often gives a commanding presence which he had, both on and off the field. Within two years of his football debut, he had become the loudest and most prominent player in the club.

Most people agreed that he was the inspiration that drew the club together in spirit and in unity which resulted in Collingwood winning the grand final in 1990, breaking a 32 year drought. On that “one day in September,” in 1990 when Collingwood won their first grand final in decades, Millane had transiting Pluto (power) to the Sun/Neptune in his natal chart and transiting Mars, (energy) to his natal Pluto.

From an astrological point of view, this gave him immense strength, an almost superhuman power, at a moment in time, to strive for the attainment of success. It was later revealed that he played the entire finals series, including the grand final, with a broken thumb. Darren was forever restless and on the move.

Nobody knows why he decided to drive himself home from the hotel on that fateful day. Usually, after a night club jaunt, he took a hire cab home. By Solar Arc (a method of predicting) for his 26th year, Mars, planet of energy and combativeness, had come to the conjunction of Neptune and with the transiting Pluto conjunct at the same time.

This was a very powerful but dangerous aspect. We also note, on the day of his death that Uranus, Neptune, Moon’s Node and Mercury by transit, were across to the natal Mercury indicating the possibility of a very public event. The transiting Saturn, planet of sadness and separation was across to the natal Saturn/Pluto of his natal chart thus setting up a recipe for disaster. It also meant that he had increased energy levels to live hard and play hard like there was no tomorrow. And so for Darren Millane, there was no tomorrow. His funeral, held in the Dandenong Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia, was attended by hundreds of mourners. Fans young and old, bought together in glory in September, 1990 we now 12 months later, united in grief.

I attended the funeral and it was a very moving experience. Tribute was paid to a unique man. This flamboyant hero also had a compassionate side to his nature and this was indicated by the natal Saturn position in the sign of Pisces. He cherished his family and friends and was would often visit sick children in hospital and elderly in the nursing homes bringing hope and joy into their lives. Darren Millane Inducted into the Collingwood Hall of Fame 28/3/2006 A tribute to a champion sportsman He came, he saw, and he conquered.

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