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Earlier this year fans all around the world around mourned the loss of David Bowie, musical genius and fashion icon who died on 10th January 2016, after secretly battling liver cancer for 18 months.

Bowie was born on 8th January 1947, at 9.00 am in London, England, to parents Margaret, a waitress and Hayward who was a promotions officer for Barnado’s charity for disadvantaged children..

I found this interesting as the Barnado’s charity is still around today and each year here in Australia they have a competition to find the mother of the year for each state and territory. In fact my daughter won the “Barnado’s Mother of the year,” for Victoria in 2015 and will pass on her crown in the coming weeks..

His chart has many indicators for a successful signature.

With the Sun in Capricorn and Mars planet of energy, conjunct in the sign of Capricorn he was disciplined and well regimented. And, with Saturn and the Moon in the sign of Leo, he had the ability to become a powerful figure in his chosen career..

His musical career started when he was chosen to sing in the choir at school and then at the age of nine he joined a music and movement group where he was described by his teachers as vividly artistic and strikingly imaginative..

Another sign of success in the chart is Jupiter, planet of luck in the sign of Scorpio which is a very strong and powerful sign when used for good. This gave him a charismatic personality and with the love of the dramatic he was truly over the top.

To add to his egocentricity at the time of his birth the sign of Aquarius was rising. If we did not have a time of birth, as an astrologer one would be tempted to give him an Aquarian Ascendant as there are no other planets in this sign.

Aquarius is the sign of the individual, a person a little out of step with the parade, someone unique, friendly, the humanitarian.

He was the true Aquarian. As a child he said he knew he was different because he was always felt like a square peg in a round hole. He was a constantly changing, always wanting to take his music to a new level, from high culture to main stream.

He will be remembered for his many changing styles. From Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust, China Girl, Lets Dance, Ashes to Ashes, Golden Years, Heroes, Scary Monsters and so much more.

Looking at the solar arc we can see that he had been under health issues for some time although kept it quiet from the general public. In 2004 when Solar Arc Pluto hit his natal Neptune he took a turn when he stepped off stage in Germany.

Being a long term drug user and a heavy smoker would have taken its toll and gradually over the next eight years as Saturn, planet of serious issues made its way from Mercury to Mars his health gradually declined.

Mars to Saturn is described by Ebertin in his book, “Combination of Stellar Influences,” as being harmful or destructive energy, separation, illness and cases of death.

Life is an interesting journey and knowing his time was near Bowie released his final album, “Black Star,” on his birthday which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart list, leaving behind an amazing gift to the world.

David Bowie, a legend, an icon in the music world. With his rising sign in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus planet of change and excitement, he was always going to walk to the beat of a different drum. He was many things to many people but what we can say is that there was never a dull moment in the life and times of David Bowie. He is survived by his wife, Iman and daughter Alexandria and son Duncan Jones to his first wife, Angela. May he rest in peace.

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