Eliot Spitzer Horoscope

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, if at first we practice to deceive.”

New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, rose to power as an enforcer of ethics in public life, however somewhere along the way, the very projects that he had sought to clean up, became his undoing, and on 17th March, 2008, he resigned in a blaze of publicity, citing “private failings.”

This is not the first time a sex scandal has rocked the United States and other countries for that matter, and I am sure it will not be the last but America’s chart is vulnerable to such goings on, as Mars in Gemini forms a very close square to Neptune in Virgo. (I use the Rudyer Chart for the US, (4th July 1776 5.10 pm LMT +05 Philadelphia PA.)

The positive side of Mars/Neptune can bring inspiration, lots of plans and help at the right time but on the negative side it does give a weakness to the structure of the chart, leading to misfortune and exploitation. Currently the Mars/Neptune, in the chart of the United States is being triggered by transiting Uranus, thus leaving the country vulnerable to a scandal, as it can bring changing energy levels, and states of weakness suddenly emerging, according to Ebertin’s “Combination of Stellar Influences.” As well as the scandal, this would also account for the weakness in the American economy at the present time. Tough times are ahead so it would be wise to consolidate debt and start tightening the purse strings, even here in Australia.

Eliot Spitzer was born on 10th June, 1959, to Austrian Jewish parents in the affluent Riversdale section of The Bronx, New York. His family were not particularly religious and as he grew up he developed an interest in the law. He went to Harvard Law School where he met and married Silda Wall. The couple have three daughters. Spitzer was talented and quickly rose through the ranks in the various law firms he worked for, before joining the staff of the Manhattan, District Attorney, Robert Morgentha. He became relentless in his bid to clean up organised crime. However, one has to be careful travelling down the corridors of power as one can easily become vulnerable to greed and lust, as Mr Spitzer found out.

On the day he was born the Sun, (which rules our outward personality) was in the sign of Gemini and the Moon, (which rules our emotions) was in the sign of Leo and this makes for a delightful, happy-go-lucky nature. Strength though is needed from other planets as there is a tendency to become fickle in romance. Spitzer has the Moon, Venus and Mars all in the sign of Leo and whilst this does give a strong sense of purpose and creative ability it doesn’t necessarily give the strength to overcome desires to act out one’s dreams and desires. People with Mars in Leo are passionate and strongly sexed according to one astrological description and with Venus, planet of love and luxury also in the sign of Leo (romance) it makes for a person who can be easily seduced and be tempted to cross over that line between right and wrong. These planetary signs are not enough on their own to determine how our personality will unfold, but with a Venus/Neptune/Mars on the 90 degree dial it doubled the chance of being easily lead.

One of the roles Spitzer found himself in, as New York’s attorney- general, was that of investigating prostitution. Seems he got a little too involved. Over the past twelve months, this stellium, in particular his natal Neptune/Mars has been activated by the Sun on the solar Arc, leaving him vulnerable to seduction. As I said before, this is not the first time a politician has been seduced by beautiful women, nor will it be the last. I was in America at the time of Bill Clinton’s push for the Whitehouse and when I saw that he had a Mars/Neptune in his natal chart, I did say that if he got into power there was the potential for him to get caught up in a sex scandal. Our natal chart only shows the possibilities; it is up to us to use the energy for good or bad.

My sister has a Mars/Neptune in her natal chart and she has dedicated her life to nursing, working with doctors in the operating theatre. My mother also had a Mars/Neptune in her natal chart and combined with a Sun/Pluto had a compete breakdown on her second Saturn return. Unfortunately for Eliot Spitzer his horoscope caught up with him. One of the tendencies when Sun = Neptune by transit, progression or Solar Arc is entangled in a scandal, lack of will power, and the danger of being caught in the act.

Overall his chart is one of success. Mercury in Gemini gives logical thinking and a flashing wit and he is probably a genuinely nice guy to know. Certainly, for him there was no trouble in attracting the opposite sex as he is friendly, popular and fun to be around. However, married with children and the responsibility of being mayor of New York, he should have made sure that his reputation was squeaky clean. Maybe a visit to an astrologer instead of a prostitute, could have changed the course of history.

Eliot Spitzer Horoscope – Traditional 360 degrees and 90 degree Quad Dial

Eliot Spitzer Horoscope

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Eliot Spitzer Horoscope