Elvis Presley's Horoscope

August 18th 2007 marked the thirty year anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, undisputed, “King of Rock and Roll,” and even after three decades, it seems we still have a morbid fascination for him.

Last week, thousands of fans turned up to the Graceland Estate, in Memphis, Tennessee, to pay homage to the man dubbed in his early days, “Elvis the Pelvis.”

Sadly; for those fans who subscribe to the conspiracy theory that the King is still alive, astrological truth tells us that he is dead.

Elvis was born in a two roomed house on 8th January, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, the second of identical twins. His brother Jesse Garon was stillborn, so being an only child, the bond with his mother was extremely strong. Times were tough during his formative years, as along with the masses, the Presley family were feeling the effect of the great depression. Due to a minor indiscretion, in 1938, Elvis’s father, Vernon went to jail. He was released after eight months, but unfortunately, unable to keep up the payments, his mother Gladys, lost the family home.

For his birthday in 1946, Elvis wanted a rifle but his mother encouraged him to buy a guitar. The young boy had earned some pocket money from doing odd jobs but did not have enough to pay for the guitar so his mother paid the balance and the rest they say in the classics, “is history.”

On the day he was born, the Sun which rules our outward personality, was in the conservative sign of Capricorn and the Moon which rules our emotions, in the receptive sign of Pisces. Mars, planet of energy and drive was in the sign of Libra, which makes for extremes in decision making. Presley’s chart was a mixture of contrasts and contradiction, on one hand, he had a keen sense of soul values, with intuitive insight into the hearts and minds of the masses but on the other hand, there was a hardness about his emotions and once he tasted success, he had a drive for power and prestige. The emotional and physical components of Capricorn, Pisces and Libra can inhibit ones emotions to the extent that they can become angered and melancholic.

Subsequently for Elvis despite his fame and fortune, and the many women whom he courted, it still lead to a lonely life, possibly devoid of a meaningful sexual and emotional relationship. Venus, planet of love and beauty was in the sign of Capricorn in his natal chart and often this combination makes a person quiet and shy. Not only was he quiet and shy as a youngster growing up, he was also picked on at school because of his shyness and unconventional ways. With Mars in the sign of Libra he had the substantial need for attention and appreciation and after his mother died, he was able to feed off his audiences and fans, to fulfil this need. Who can remember those immortal words, “thank you very much, thank you very much.”

Sadly; his enormous success became the ultimate sacrifice in the area of sexual-emotional harmony as this is not the easiest of combinations to achieve peace. Elvis’s talent and ability showed up in his horoscope with the patterns made by the stellium of planets and personal points on the 90 degree dial.

Starting with Mercury on 25 degrees of cardinal, we then have Pluto, Part of Fortune, Vertex, Uranus, Venus and concluding with the Moon’s Node on one degree of fixed. This powerful pattern gave him incredible energy and artistic talent that allowed him to revolutionize the lives of others. He did what no other white man had done before him. With his unorthodox sound and the art of persuasion he changed perceptions with his style of music forever. Elvis became the new rage. He was handsome, grew longer hair, sideburns and wore flashy clothes. He became a trend setter, not only in the musical world but also in the fashion world. How many of us growing up in the sixties can forget the duffle coats and fishermen rib jumpers?

Being bought up in the deep south of America and having a church background it was no wonder he was inspired by gospel music. His style became of mixture of country, rhythm and blues. As his popularity grew so did the controversy as no white man had ever tried mixing the “black and white sounds,” and as his confidence grew, so did his ability to perform. His body gyrations became legendary. Elvis got his big break when Uranus by Solar Arc was contacting his natal Jupiter, a very lucky pattern indeed.

The life and times of Elvis Presley have been well and truly documented. He married Priscilla Beaulieu and had a daughter, Lisa Marie. Now, several grandchildren carry on the family name. As I was not an astrologer when he died, I found it fascinating to delineate his chart and view it on the 90 degree dial. Very clearly his chart showed his days were numbered. By Solar Arc, the Moon’s Node had come to Neptune which was certainly not helpful for all the prescription drugs that he was on. Also, Mars was to Saturn, which often shows up in cases of death. (See pointer on quad dial) By progressions the Sun was equal to Saturn, indicating separation and karma and with transiting Pluto in aspect to his natal Mars; Elvis’s life was spiralling out of control. Carl Jung once said, “What happens to a person is characteristic of him. He represents a pattern and all the pieces fit. One by one, as his life proceeds, they fall in to place according to some pre-destined design.”

Rock ‘n’ roll exploded into the Fifties and Sixties, with many great singers and bands but it was Elvis who was pre-destined to make the biggest dent in the pop culture of that era and the impact he had on the social fabric of America and the rest of the world still continues today.

Elvis Presley’s Horoscope – 90 Degree Dial

Elvis Presley's Horoscope

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Elvis Presley Horoscope