George W Bush Midterm Election Horoscope

On Tuesday November 7th 2006, whilst Australian’s were in the midst of a horse racing frenzy, the American people had much more serious issues on their mind when they were voting in their midterm elections. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia tells us that these are the elections in which members of Congress, State Legislatures, and some State Governors are elected, but not the President.

These elections take place in between the major election. For the first time in twelve years the Democrats now hold the balance of power after a seismic shake-up, bigger than Bush’s home state of Texas, shifted the power, from Republican to Democrat control.

For quite some time now Mr Bush has been under the potentially potent disruptive energy of the transiting Uranus opposition to his natal Mars. Uranus and Mars together have a habit of creating forces that make one more exposed to irritable vibrations causing tension and unrest.

The American people have never been happy about the war in Iraq but over the past few months tension has been mounting over Bush’s handling of the war. Those who follow mundane astrology would have noticed this tension in the chart and the Midterm election were the ideal platform for people to show their disapproval. When George W Bush was born on 6th July 1946, at 7.26 am in New Haven Ct., the Sun was in the sign of Cancer, and the Moon, in the sign of Libra.

This is an interesting combination giving him a controlled, calculated and reserved approach and when combined with Mars in Virgo, gives him a pre occupation with work. Mercury and Venus in the sign of Leo soften the horoscope and add a fiery enthusiasm and pride to his nature. It also adds a degree of self confidence to the personality, something that Mr Bush does not seem to lack.

Mercury in Leo can however, make a person fixed in their ideas no matter whether they work or not and certainly he has very fixed views on his belief in the war. On the day of the election, George W Bush had several difficult aspects to contend with and these show up quite clearly on his chart.

The first pattern to look at is the transiting Mars to his natal Mercury/Pluto which indicates a fierce power struggle and disagreements. In other words he could be a victim of others ruthlessness and indeed this turned out to be the case, as his party were savaged at the ballot box. This pattern also goes across to the transiting Pluto/Node which is the voice of the people.

Also the transiting Saturn made a strong midpoint to Mars/Pluto, the Node/Saturn and Sun/Neptune. This makes for a difficult period, not only for Mr Bush, but also for the American people as well. The basic principle of Saturn is security and the Moon’s Node is all about blood-ties, families, societies and alliances and the Sun/Neptune in this case would probably represent the Middle East.

Saturn midpoint the Mars/Pluto hinders growth and development within the American society as they continue to grow restless with the influence of war and the loss of so many lives. Many become pessimistic under these types of aspects as they begin to wonder what lies in store for them, particularly those with sons and grandsons who are reaching the age of maturity. Will their off spring be the next chosen to loose their lives for their country?

The longer America is aligned with the war in Iraq, the more the American people feel that their security is threatened. The Node in this case represents more the American family, rather than Mr Bush’s personal family and he is representative as the head of the family. The last pattern I looked at, although students will find many more, was the natal Venus across to natal Neptune, midpoint the transiting Venus/Saturn and this reflects more the personal disappointment that the President feels about the election.

“I am obviously disappointed with the outcome of the election and as the head of the Republican Party, I share a large part of the responsibility,” said Mr Bush, obviously very disappointed in the outcome. A Venus/Neptune/Saturn, sober realization that he is no longer popular. It is a time of political unrest in the United States and this was certainly reflected in a huge swing to the other party. Some say that Mr Bush is now, “a lame duck President.” An article in the Melbourne Age newspaper, described the outcome of the midterm elections as the beginning of the end and the end of a beginning.

“A Democrat-controlled House of Representative and Senate, mean the beginning of the end for the Bush administration and its unilateral, polarising style in foreign policy – exemplified by the now departing Donald Rumsden at the Pentagon. More importantly, they went on to say, “That it marks the end of the beginning of a long struggle for which we do not have a generally accepted name.

From now on, given the results of the mid-term elections, the mess in the Middle East, the scale of global challenges such as climate change and rise of other great powers, American foreign policy will have to be more bipartisan at home and more multicultural abroad. (End of Quote: America Votes, the world turns.

Written by Timothy Garton Ash Melbourne Age 10th November, 2006.) Over here in Australia we have drink called a “Claytons,” which is non alcoholic and for many years this drink was heavily advertised, “as the drink you have, when you are not having a drink.” Naturally we coined a phrase used in terms of events in which nothing happens, i.e. a Clayton’s event.

So; looking ahead it is likely that these midterm elections are a bit of, “A Clayton’s event.” Technically, whilst the Democratic Party now have control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, with two years still to run as President, Mr Bush does not need their approval as he has a veto over Congress, troops and foreign policy.

Therefore, he can still continue with the war in Iraq. However, he will be wise to listen to the voice of America and change his tactics in some way, as to appear to save face. Not easy for his Leo Mercury, which tends to like to foist ideas and opinion on others.

Also with Mercury in Leo, there is a strong tendency towards conceit, so having to temper his policies now that things have changed, will be a humbling experience. Astrologically speaking though, not a great deal will change as the Uranus influence is only temporarily disabling.

As it moves away from his natal Mars he will be left with the final pass of Saturn to his natal Venus.

Vulnerable periods will be February 2007, June 2007, and August 2008 and although we have not looked at the solar arc, any student wishing to do so, will see that he has Saturn=Vertex, which has well and truly clipped his wings. As they say in the classics, “that’s life.”

George W Bush Midterm Election Horoscope – Natal 360 plus 90 Degree Chart

George W Bush Midterm Election Horoscope

George W Bush Midterm Election Horoscope – Midterm Election

George W Bush Midterm Election Horoscope