Influences for the next three months starting June/July/August 2004 by Glorija Lawrence

Horoscopes June July August 2004

Over the next three months those born under the sign of the Ram will make some important decisions regarding their career. Long-term-forecast suggest that a move now will prove beneficial. For those who are happy as they are, there is no harm in asking for a raise. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated. Those Arians born around the 18/19/20 April will still be feeling the effect of the solar eclipse near their birthday. An eclipse to this point in the horoscope has a six-month influence and usually brings pronounced changes to the dynamics of one’s life. Relationships on the home front should settle down and bring strength and stability at long last.

This is an excellent quarter for Taureans to set their finances in order. Demonstrate your firm strength in dealing with practical matters. Re-assessing your investment portfolio and making changes should bring dividends at a later stage. As it is nearing the end of the financial year, you may be pleasantly surprised how well you have done.

Jupiter, planet of luck and success favours a happy occasion so it is time for those romantically linked to think about making permanent their relationship. Taureans are happiest when their life is reasonably stable. It is also a good time for home investments or renovations.

Emotional issues may be highlighted over the next four weeks for busy Geminians. Pressing matters relating to brothers and sisters will take priority. Silencing the criticism of others may help. For those who are in the midst of study, the next three months could bring a slight hiccup that could put you off track. Saturn, planet of frustration and delays, Mars, planet of energy and debate and Mercury, planet of communication in the sector relating to finances, could see a long term contract being signed.

However, some matters may take longer than others to set in place. Avoid acting on impulse because excess spending could put you behind, ‘the eight ball.’ Jupiter in the domestic sector could see a family reunion during the winter months.

A testing time for Cancerians as Saturn, planet of discipline, obligation and restraint transits your sign. Part way through a two-and-a-half year cycle the emphasis is on home and family matters. The budget will be well and truly stretched leaving little for those extra demands that children make in the 21st century. It is the world of, want it, see it, have it, but sometimes there is just not enough to go around.

Now is one of those times. For those born around 10-/11/12 July patience is a virtue, as toward the end of June a family member requires support over health issues. Achievements are highlighted during the weekend of 13/14 August.

This quarter starts off with the Moon in your own sign helping set in place a positive flow for the next three months. This will be especially beneficial over the winter months when sometimes our health is tested. There may be an opportunity to take a quick break during June or July, which will rejuvenate the spirit.

The Moon’s Node in Taurus is linked to those whose birthdays fall around 28/28/30 July and this favours acknowledgement in the career sector and also business activities. It will also be a good time to address any issues relating to finance. Work efforts should bring the greatest gains.

Jupiter, the lucky planet, is well placed over the next three months in your horoscope as it is culminating in your sign. Jupiter entered Virgo, late August 2003 where it remains until September 2004. There should have been many excellent opportunities for you to take advantage of during this period.

Any last minute changes that come your way before September, when the planet of luck and fortune enters the sign of Libra, should be used to your advantage. The old adage of, “making hay while the Sun shines,’ is very t. Heavy activity in the financial sector should see gains in property and business venture. You could say that you have had the ultimate results.

Some issues on the home front over the next three months could see your excellent negotiation skills come into play. Librans are well known for their ability to see both sides of an issue because they have a strong sense of justice and fair play. It may also be advisable to review your long range plans as Jupiter, planet of expansion and luck moves into your personal sector this September.

Jupiter is often described as the great benefactor because it is associated with abundance and wealth. It stays in a sign for approximately one year, returning to its own sign every twelve years. A good time to look back and see what benefits you had in 1993/1994 and how those benefits effect you today. The opportunity to form new and unusual friendships over this period could bring some surprises.

Scorpios lead the way with courage and conviction. Once their mind is made up nothing will change it. Their drive and determination are second to none. Over the next three months this strength will be tested in several different ways. A high degree of energy will need to be channelled into physical activity.

It is a good time to renew your subscription to the gym, or get involved in a sporting activity. When sorting out your financial needs, do not be drawn into schemes that have no status or credibility. A time to view some ‘get-rich-schemes’ with scepticism. Only investments with proven records should be looked at.

Pluto, continues to dominate the Sagittarian horoscope bring some traumatic and upsetting events for those born around 10/11 December. Pluto, is all about changing ones lifestyle because all those things familiar to us, are thrown into kayos. What we need to do when this happens is to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, salvage what we can and move on.

Eventually, one will see that those upsetting changes have revitalized our spirit and everything old is new again. We often talk about being, ‘born-again’ and after Pluto, planet of destroying and rebuilding passes through the personal sector of our horoscope, it does just that. We are reborn. Mercury, planet of communication and contracts moving into the career sector during September will make it easier for business arrangements to be completed and contracts signed. Very lucky days are, 24/25 September.

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, even though in the sign of Cancer does influence your birth sign very strongly this quarter, strengthening relationships that surround the home and family. This is good news for Capricorns as they are at their best when life is very predictable. Saturn’s influence is best described as, ‘what you sow, you will reap.’ Capricornians are well known for their strong stand on moral and ethical values and unless indicated otherwise in the horoscope, always maintain their integrity.

This modern day philosophy of, ‘letting it all hang out’ does not sit well with people born under this sign. The Moon’s Node transiting the sector relating to children, could see an addition to the family before the end of the year.

Aquarians need to have freedom and independence and to come and go as they please but this has not been happening for some time, bringing frustration and doubt to the personality. The conflict between a need to maintain basic living standards and the desire for a more creative life style will eventually ease and once more you will be in tune with universal law.

Be careful not to let superiors mislead you in any way. The one thing Aquarians are good at is standing up for their beliefs. They are a good reflector of change and innovations. Pluto in the sign of friends, hopes and wishes, means you need to let go of things and people that do not serve you any more, then you can look forward to improved social conditions and family finances.

Popular Pisces can expect sudden and unexpected changes to improve their communication skills, becoming more versatile and adaptive. You may find yourself moving away from the traditional values and ideals and taking on a more unorthodox role in society. It is certainly a time of great enlightenment. Pisces are at their best when they are able to be of service to their fellow human being. Patience is a virtue they say, especially in relationships. Try to consider the wants and needs of your partner this quarter so you can put your new found skills into practice. A surprise invitation to a popular official gathering is on the cards.