In Memory of Rachel

In the article I have just written about Cho Seung-Hui we talked about does an astrological chart reveal a predestination to be a killer?

The chart, the signs, planets and patterns a horoscope make, can tell us much about a person but the actual outcome of a personality still depends a lot on the hereditary factors, the environmental conditions under which we live and the power of choice.

A tough chart in a happy, nurturing environment will most certainly manifest in a more positive way than a tough chart, in a negative household, devoid of warmth and love. However, life is not only about our personality, it is also about how we handle the day by day, celestial moments.

When we awaken each morning there is a new set of aspects a new maze of circumstances awaiting us, as we navigate the movement of the stars. In my previous article I described the triggering process in the book. “Rapid and Reliable Analysis,” Reinhold Ebertin, as defined by Professor Rudolf Tomaschek, as, “The Bird on the Roof.”

“When a tile falls from the roof, the reason lies in the force of gravity, which in turn is caused by the great mass of our earth, but why did the tile not fall earlier, why now? It may have moved by a gust of wind, or by a bird. So; there is a triggering mechanism.

This triggering off mechanism, which may have been the hopping of a little bird on to the tile, bears no relationship to the harm the falling tile may cause. So; we have the natal blue print and the various patterns that makes throughout our lives via the solar arc and progressions.

We then combine this with our hereditary factors, our environmental conditions and the transits of the day which trigger certain predisposed events to take place. By learning and understanding the cosmic law we are on a higher frequency and have the ability to see both sides of the coin.

Thus by being able to look at the possible outcome in advance, we are then able to make a more informed choice. Intuition also comes into play. I always say, “If it feels good do it, if it doesn’t then don’t.” There will be many people however that argue, is the outcome of the experience, fate or free will?

I guess we will never really know. We have to trust our judgement and trust in the universe. Sometimes we view fate as being in the wrong place, at the wrong time or alternatively if we win the 30 million jackpot lottery, as did a pensioner this week at our local newsagency, we could say being in the right place at the right time.

Recently I was watching an interview on, “60 Minutes” about the first anniversary of the Beaconsfield mining disaster in Tasmania. A year on, the two survivors, Todd and Brant were still wondering why they were the lucky ones, rescued after two weeks underground whilst their work mate was killed.

People may call it, right place, wrong place but looking on the 90 degree dial Ebertin system, we can usually see the luck or lack there of, involved. I am now going to describe briefly, how using the Quad dial on the Ebertin system, I was able to pick up a difficult period in my daughter’s life and how I went about dealing with the information.

My daughter was born in Taupo New Zealand on, 27 January 1966 at 7.10 am In late 2003, my daughter’s chart revealed that by Solar Arc, she was about to experience, natal Sun/Venus = Saturn. According to Ebertin’s “Combination of Stellar Influences” the nature of Sun/Venus = Saturn can mean a suffering or separation in love or duty and responsibility.

The Solar Arc is one of the key tools which allow us to see what is in store for the coming year. Sometimes it shows great joy and other times there is sadness. If it appears to be “a once in a lifetime, serious pattern,” then careful monitoring of the horoscope is required to see what we can do, if anything. Once I noticed this pattern and delineated the cosmic structure, I used the animated dial to find the triggering point, which turned out to be around Valentine’s Day in 2004. Sensing this to be a profound event, it became a moral dilemma.

What do I say? Was it my role and responsibility to advise her of the profound event, or keep quite and say nothing? I decided that I would speak to her about the chart. I have a, ‘Graduate Diploma in Loss and Grief Counselling,’ and my skills in this area are quite good, and besides my family are used to me making predictions.

I did not look any further into the situation, other than to make sure that family members were not in any potential danger. Because my daughter had the transit of Jupiter, at the time of the predicted period, I felt that she was protected. I concluded that she was not was not the victim of the experience, only of the event.

The skill in reading the quad dial is all in the layering process and goes back to the Professors theory that: “This triggering off mechanism, which may have been the hopping of a little bird on to the tile, bears no relationship to the harm the falling tile may cause.” On 20th February, 2004 when Solar Arc Sun/Venus, to the natal Saturn of my daughter’s chart, became exact to the minute, the niece of a former partner of whom she was very fond, was murdered.

The once in a lifetime extreme sadness had begun. Her name was Rachel, a happy healthy teenager with a wide circle of friends. On the night of February 20th, 2004 she had been out at the local hotel and went home with a man whom she considered a friend.

She had hoped he would give her a ride to the next town where she wanted to meet some other friends. Unfortunately for Rachel, the man thought he was being used and raped and assaulted her at his home. He then took her to a secluded place where he killed her.

He went to trial and was given an 18 years jail sentence. The triggering point for the sadness in my daughter’s horoscope was the transiting Sun=Uranus, to the natal Moon’s Node, interpreted as a sudden an unexpected tragic family event.

My daughter has many planets in Aquarius, so relationships just become a collection of friends. She has had three serious relationships in her lifetime and has remained close friends with the family long after the relationship has ended. She still kept in contact with Rachel’s family and saw them occasionally so was able to support them through the tragedy and help with the funeral arrangements.

For ethical reasons I cannot show you the charts of Rachel nor her family but my daughter has given permission to share her chart with you. Being forewarned of the sad moment, she was able to be a great strength to the family in their time of need.

Ebertin once said, “the astrologer in ancient or medieval times engrossed themselves in a horoscope and meditated upon it; the cosmobiologist of today, on the other hand, with the help of modern science tries to observe a pattern and conduct an investigation from a firm base created by all the relevant facts.”

In this case, after considering the relevant facts, I decided that I could do nothing except speak to my daughter, until the triggering moment occurred so had to resort to the ancient method of meditating upon the chart. James Van Praagh in his book, “Healing Grief” says, “Grieving is a natural process of life; we will all experience a loss of some sort during our lives, whether it is the loss of a loved one, the loss of our home or job, the devastation of divorce, or the anguish of unfulfilled dreams.

It is through our losses that we can transform ourselves and find new meaning to life.” Fortunately; it is not too often that we see such tragedy in a horoscope and have to make a major moral decision.

In Memory of Rachel – 360 Degree Dial

In Memory of Rachel

In Memory of Rachel – 90 Degree Quad Dial

In Memory of Rachel