James Packer Horoscope

Once described as Australia’s most enigmatic father and son combinations, James Packer must now emerge from his father’s shadow.

At age 23 James was already being groomed to take over a family fortune and now at 38, following the death of his father Kerry in December 2005, he has been left in charge of a multi-billion dollar business empire. James born in Sydney on September 8th 1967, under the zodiac sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, the planet assigned to communication and technology.

Therefore, it is no surprise he has inherited a huge media empire, along with many other things. We are not sure what time this young man was born but if it were around 4.00 am he would have the Moon in the sign of Libra, which would link in to the financial aspect of his father’s chart.

James has a strong Virgo thread running through his horoscope, with Mercury, the planet that rules our mind in the same sign and this intensifies the power to communicate which in his line of business would be very helpful indeed. It also rules discernment and analysis. James Packer was seen as a bit of a ladies man in his 20’s but Venus in Virgo is more likely to have a cooling effect in relationships. Good for business but not so good for love and romance. The young Mr Packer lived for many years under his father’s watchful eye, being groomed to run his empire but his personal life was kept very much private.

We do not know a great deal about him except that he likes sports cars and plays polo. So; what does the future hold for him? The strength of James Packer’s horoscope lies with Mars, planet of driving force and aggression which is in the sign of Scorpio. This is a very powerful aspect and does make for a hard working individual who knows exactly where they want to go. James Packer’s horoscope reveals an interesting blend of quietness of manner, concealing a strong determination to succeed. However, do not let that quiet manner fool you for a moment.

With that powerful Scorpio driving force, he can be a dangerous enemy or a deadly rival. Whilst his father had the very lucky pattern in his natal chart, Jupiter = Pluto which does indicate the ability to make a lot of money, James on the other hand has the Jupiter = Neptune which can sometimes mean the opposite. Money can be more of a speculation with a degree of wastefulness.

The Jupiter/Neptune aspect has been described as “Neptune rules creative genius with the emphasis on creativity and Jupiter rules creativity with emphasis on genius.” On the positive side this aspect can bring in money from an unearned source, but in reality it has more to do with poor speculation, scandal and losses. We have already seen this aspect play out in “One Tel,” a Telco company that he was associated with that collapsed on May 30, 2001.

However, life is all about living and loving, giving and taking, winning and loosing. We all have to make a few mistakes in life to continue to learn and grow. James Packer has to learn to crawl before he can walk. After a life threatening experience his father Kerry Packer said, “I’ve been to the other side and there is nothing there.” Let’s hope for Jamie’s sake that he was wrong and there is a life hereafter.

That famous writer, D H Lawrence was once quoted as saying, “The dead don’t die they look down and help,” and Jamie Packer can do with all the help he can get, now that he has moved out of the fast lane into life on the world stage.

James Packer Horoscope – Traditional 360 + 90 Degree Chart

James Packer Horoscope