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Labour factionism and rivalries in spite of some excellent political initiatives often created a circus. Many still remember back to the DLP years, the Hawke/Keating vitriol, the 1975 sacking of Gough Witlam and now a hung parliament.

This Rudd/Gillard see-sawing (and much more) It’s not a pretty look for Australia. D. R. Christchurch New Zealand ( Facebook page, 27th June 2013)

Despite being less than three months from a general election, Prime Minister Julia Gillard was forced into a show down with former political foe, Kevin Rudd.

The dye was cast for more government upheaval when a ballot at 7.00 pm EST in Canberra on Wednesday 26th June, 2013 once again gave Kevin Rudd the Prime Ministership.

Since 1984 under the watchful eye of Doris Greaves and throughout the last 20 years teaching my students predicting methods, we have regularly been able to make very accurate predictions using the quarterly INGRESS patterns.

These charts are calculated for the exact time the Sun moves into a cardinal sign e.g. March, June, September and December which in effect, is the changing of the seasons. The Ingress chart is read as a static chart to the natal and the connections between the two, tell the story.

Looking at the Winter Ingress for Canberra, 21st June, 2013 for both Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, this is what we see: Rudd had the Ingress Jupiter = Natal Sun/Mars, which interestingly enough was within a degree of Jupiter last time it was in a mutable sign when he first became Prime Minister. (optimism and the gaining of power)

Gillard had Mercury/Venus = Saturn across Venus (the visualization of stark reality and a separation) therefore if a leadership spill was to occur, then it was only a matter of time before he was voted back in. Interpretations can be found in, “The Combination of Stellar Influences,” by Reinhold Ebertin Julia Gillard will now be known, not only as Australia’s first woman Prime Minister but also the fact that she was never an elected Prime Minister in her own right. She became Prime Minister, on 24th June, 2010, after ousting incumbent Kevin Rudd.

A few weeks later, on 21st August when the country went to a general election, there was a hung parliament. It was the first hung parliament since the 1940’s with both major parties stuck on 72 seats, four short of the requirement for a majority government in a 150 seat parliament.

Six cross bencher held the balance of power and both Julia Gillard (Labour) and Tony Abbott (Liberal) fought hard to form a minority government. Julia Gillard gained the support she needed and was sworn in as Prime Minister on 14th September 2010.

So; Who Was The Real Julia? Born in Barry, Wales UK, on 29th September, 1961 at 11.50 am she migrated to Australia with her parents as a youngster and settled in South Australia. Julia graduated form the University of Melbourne with an arts and law degree, before joining Melbourne firm, Slater and Gordon. She specialized in industrial law. Her interest in politics had been stimulated whist in Adelaide and she joined the Labour party during her second year at university.

She continued her interest when she moved to Melbourne. On the day M/s Gillard was born the Sun was in the sign of Libra and the Moon in the sign of Gemini. The attributes of this combination give an expressive quality, a very quick mind, a talkative individual who has the ability to hold an audience. As a leader she was always in demand.

She had an acute sense of what the public wanted and knew how to dramatize the situation to her advantage. Mars, planet of energy and action is in the sign of Libra does tend to foster extremes in action and decision making but in her chart this was not the case. On the plus side she stood her ground and gave as much as she got.

People with this placement are animated talkers and love nothing than a good political debate. Mercury, planet of communication is in the sign of Scorpio, a very powerful placement indeed and these individuals are shrewd and have a talent for spotting future opportunities. It is the signature of a gifted player in a cat and mouse game. When Rudd unexpectedly won the 2007 election she found herself in a position of power as the first female Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

During the Global Financial Crisis (GFS) Rudd was considered, “the Messiah,” and could do no wrong but after a series of costly mistakes his popularity plummeted. Gillard saw an opportunity to pounce and pounce she did. On 24th June 2010, Rudd lost the support of his party and she was voted in as the first female Prime Minister of Australia. The transition did not go smoothly and was done in a very deceptive way which divided the party. The planet Mercury, in Gillard’s chart is powerfully placed as part of a small stellium along with Jupiter and Mars. Behind her cool personality is a steely mind.

Once theses individuals have a project on the go they do not give up. They do not find it easy to adapt to new ideas and will stick to their own opinions through thick and thin. Gillard came into power during very difficult astrological aspects. Uranus planet of change and revolution in the sign of Aries and Pluto, planet of profound shifts in society, in the sign of Capricorn were in close aspect in the heavens and demanded changes be made. She was relentless in the way she wanted to implement these changes.

She was on a mission and nothing or no one would stand in her way. History will judge Julia Gillard as to whether her innovative ideas and the once in a generation reforms made under very difficult times, will work. Some of these reforms include: Educational reforms know as “the Gonski report” National Disability Scheme the National Broad Band and the Fair Work Act. Also the very controversial carbon tax. Gillard fought hard to overcome her image but in hindsight the Australian public never forgave her for taking out a sitting Prime Minister in his first term and bringing in a carbon tax when she steadfastly said she would not.

Fixed stars often play an important role in the native ‘s horoscope and although Gillard did not have much connecting her to Australia’s horoscope she did have Uranus, planet of excitement and change very close to the fixed star Regulus which is one of the major marking stars of the ancient world. This placement is known as the, “royal” sign and planets on this placement gives power to kings, princes, heads of state and even the ordinary individual can be pushed into a place where they rule supreme.

Unfortunately with the unpredictable nature of Uranus, Gillard’s unexpected rise to power and becoming part of the fabric of Australian history was taken from her as quickly and as deceptively as it came. Now she has gone. For information on Kevin Rudd refer to my article written after the 2007 election.

However, I did say that on the day he was elected, transiting Mercury was to Neptune and this was not an easy aspect to predict, as many things are hidden under the surface.

It creates wrong judgement, lack of clarity, deception and scandal and unfortunately this has been the sorry state of affairs ever since. Amazingly though we have still thrived and prospered as a country during these last seven years possibly due to the fact that we are a Capricorn nation.

We stand tall and are a very proud nation. Pluto in the sign of Capricorn for the first time in 240 years has been a great protector. We are now under a new regime so it remains to be seen if we continue to survive.

The next election which was due on September 14th 2013, is now likely to change. The financial review (27th June 2013) had this to say after Kevin Rudd’s return to power, “Kevin Rudd returns to a prime ministership diminished by labour’s civil war that first removed him, helped create a minority government and then replaced him.”

Allegedly in which he, was the major protagonist. It is now up to him to provide a real contest for the next election and give the people of Australia some genuine reason to vote for Labour.

Julia Gillard Natal 360 plus 90 Degree Chart

julia gillard 360 90 degree chart

Julia Gillard Cancer Ingress

Julia Gillard Cancer Ingress