Katie Holmes Baby Suri

Much has been written about the baby for Tom and Katie but rarely do we find any mention of the expected date of arrival. One source mentioned April, so I thought I would take a look into the future and see what is in store for these two high profile people.

Our Aries Ingress gives us a look at the next three months ahead, which takes effect from 20 March 2006 to 22 June 2006. Family ties and changes abound for both our stars show up in this Ingress. Katie comes under Pluto (the planet that rules those energies inside a person that lead, inexorably to change) to the Sun in her horoscope and also the Moon’s Node to Mars, the attainment of joint or shared success.

Tom comes under Uranus transits to the natal Jupiter and this gives enthusiasm for every thing that is new and a sudden change of fortune. Needless to say, things are happening so fast for both of them they can hardly keep up.

Old life patterns have changed and new ones are being set in place. Having hitched a ride with one of cinema’s hottest male stars, and falling pregnant so quickly, change is inevitable for Katie. These changes however, are built into the structure of things and cannot be prevented. Looking at the two charts together, one likely date for baby’s arrival is around 19 – 20 of April when the Sun is changing signs from Aries to Taurus. There are some very nice nurturing aspects around that time. Tom would have Sun/Moon and Moon/Sun.

This is a spirit/soul connection and is a true bonding aspect. We see also that Chiron is to Saturn and this indicates a major responsibility. Around that time the transit Mercury, Moon’s Node and Mars are to the natal Mars in Katie’s chart, indicating an event of interest to the public. The transit Mercury is to her natal Saturn which would suggest a long labour. So; whilst it is their intention to have a home birth, they are wise to have the hospital on standby if need be.

Essential to a new mother is to have a nurturing role as well and this shows up with the transiting Jupiter settling very close to Katie’s Moon/Venus aspect in the natal chart around 19th April. The Moon’s placement in the horoscope is our emotional well being and Venus shows our love of people and things. (A mother’s love reciprocated) Hereditary factor would play an important role in determining a baby’s entry into the world so with out the horoscopes of both sets of parent’s and grandparent’s, trying to find a date is like trying to bake a cake blindfolded.

I have however, used the astrological degrees that are important for this event that is of interest to the public and taken into consideration the Mum and the Dad’s horoscope with the limited information that I have. Photo’s in the latest magazines show that she is getting near her time. So; the rest it seems, is in the lap of the God’s, as we await fate and destiny to perform it’s role in this very public scenario.

Katie Holme’s Ingress in Aries Chart

Katie Holmes Baby Suri

Tom Cruise’s Ingress in Aries Chart

Katie Holmes Baby Suri

Tom Cruise and Katie Holme’s Predicted Birth Chart

Katie Holmes Baby Suri