Katie Holmes Horoscope

Katie Holmes was plucked from virtual obscurity and catapulted into the spotlight when her path crossed with that of Tom Cruise not so long ago. Born on 18 December, 1978, broad minded, imaginative and creative, Katie is typical of her Sagittarian Sun sign.

On the day she was born, the Moon in Leo which gives courage both morally and physically and if ever she ever needed to draw upon the strength from this aspect, it is now, as she awaits the birth of her first child. Proud dad-to-be, Tom Cruise places great faith in his religious association with the church of scientology and their controversial birthing methods. According to new magazine reports their birth motto is, ‘.but be silent and make all movements slow and understandable.’

I wonder how many women who have had a baby can give credibility to this bold statement? Cruise and Holmes met when her horoscope showed up a fanatical love affair. Pluto, planet of compulsion, was to Venus, planet of love, during the year they met, which indicated being attracted to a lover, by a kind of inner compulsion.

In love the Sagittarian/Leo blend makes for a loyal, ardent and idealistic partner. Anyone to whom they give their word has an unbreakable bond. Katie would be very accommodating and do anything to please Cruise. Just how long this kind of attraction can last though, remains to be seen but the young Katie is not to be underestimated.

She is very practical and disciplined, strongly driven to carve a meaningful and recognisable niche for herself. Mars is the planet of constructive and destructive energy. It rules will power, activity and courage.

Cruise has Mars in the sign of Taurus and Holmes has Mars in the sign of Capricorn. All one can say about this combination is, when an irresistible force meets an immovable object, sparks will fly. On a compatibility chart together this couple have a Uranus/Venus connection. Uranian attractions are always unusual in some way, cutting across barriers such as age and religion. Uranian relationships tend to start suddenly and unexpectedly and do not always last for very long.

Now that a baby is on the way it will be interesting to see how the dynamics work out. Within twelve months of the birth, Katie has Venus = Saturn which in astrological terms is a soberness or discontentment. It can also give disappointment in love matters. However, let us look to a more positive outcome as we realise that adjusting to life in a fish bowl has its ups and downs.

The Venus/ Saturn aspect would then indicate a struggle to live up to expectations. Patience and understanding is needed during this period. See Tomkat’s Baby Prediction Ingress in Aries article for expected date for baby’s arrival.

Katie Holmes Horoscope: Traditional Natal Chart and 90 Degree Dial

Katie Holmes Horoscope