Kerry Packer Horoscope

Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer was born in Sydney on December 17th, 1937.

He inherited the family empire in 1974 when he was just 36 years of age but it was far from a rags-to-riches story. During his years at the helm, he worked hard and played hard, turning something like $50 million into 12 billion dollars. One of Australia’s richest men, he was domineering and blunt, deal maker extraordinaire, shrewd and cunning.

But it wasn’t all wine and roses, his gambling exploits were legendary. He would loose more money on the throw of a dice at one of his chosen casino’s, than some of us would earn in a lifetime, all without blinking an eye.

Blessed with a lucky horoscope, Kerry packer overcame much adversity in his early years to become a legend. He was dyslexic and lonely as a child and battled bad school grades and the debilitating disease, poliomyelitis.

However, he never let any of this stand in his way. He may have been down at times, but he was never out. Kerry Packer loved life. He had the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini making him one of the positive, executive group. He was a super salesman at home or on the worlds centre stage.

Mercury in Capricorn made him a clear and methodical thinker and when financial dealings or gambling got out of hand this combination made sure the balance was bought back very quickly. He was quoted as saying, “My father was a gambler, everyman who created anything was a gambler. I am also, but there is a difference. I have never risked the lot. I have never risked anything that would put my business at risk.”

Love him or hate him one must agree, he was a man for all seasons. Summer, winter autumn and spring, ruling his empire with an iron fist but also inspiring great loyalty from his staff. What he lacked in formal training he made up with raw cunning and business acumen. Mars in Aquarius gave him a very independent nature. He was not bound by tradition or convention and his cool detached emotions could not be captured by sympathy.

Venus in Sagittarius only intensified his idealism, restlessness and the need for a challenge. Jupiter in Capricorn also gave a strong sense of duty. He was able to think on the expansive side but never overlook the immediate details. Another plus in his horoscope was Saturn in Pisces; this gave him a good head for business and amazing ideas for making money. It is always interesting to look at the charts of successful people and certainly there are no surprises in Kerry Packer’s horoscope.

Aside from the psychological components we have discussed, on the Cosmobiology chart, all the elements were there for greatness. He had what we term the classic Jupiter=Pluto, in the natal chart and is best described as the “win-a-million, loose-a-million.” However in today’s modern world of high flyers I feel he redefined that aspect to, “win-a-billion, loose-a-billion.” Sure it was a square but in Cosmobiology, we do not look upon a square as negative. We just read the Jupiter/Pluto and work with it appropriately.

The square aspect probably made him more determined to succeed. Kerry Packer passed peacefully from this world to the next at 11pm on Boxing Day 2005, with his family around him. Walking in the shoes of that other famous Sagittarian, Frank Sinatra, Kerry Packer’s theme song at the pearly gates could very well have been, “I did it my way.” Post script: “The King is dead, long live the king.”

How will his son, and heir apparent, Jamie Packer fare in all of this. Next month we will look at his chart in detail and see what lies ahead.

Kerry Packer Horoscope – Natal Chart

Kerry Packer Horoscope