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Kevin Rudd Australia’s New Prime Minister “I Kevin Michael Rudd do swear that I will well and truly serve the Commonwealth of Australia, her land, and her people, in the office of Prime Minister, so help me God,” and so with these words around 10.00 am on Monday 26th November, he become the 26th Prime Minister of Australia.

Australians went to the pole on election night, November, 24th 2007 determined to have a change of Government despite Howard’s Liberal Government having performed extraordinary well over the past 11 years in power. Australia is one of the few countries in the world to have a very strong economy. However, on the night of a full Moon, when upsets and excitement happen, the people cast their vote and the change has now taken place.

So; who is this man who will lead Australia for the next three years? Born on 21st September, 1957 in Nambour Queensland under the sign of Virgo, Kevin Rudd has the Moon in the sign of Leo which adds a little bit of sparkle to a somewhat conservative personality. However, he does have a strong Virgo signature, as Mercury and Mars are also in this sign. Mercury is also considered strong here and gives a bright and balanced intellect. It gives very good powers of discrimination when dealing with detail. Mars in Virgo also gives the same keenness for detail.

Grant Lewi’s book, “Heaven Knows What,” describes the combination of Virgo and Leo as having all the signs of a just and honorable man, with an unquestionable character and absolute devotion to duty.

His natal horoscope makes some interesting patterns on the 90 degree dial. Mars is conjunct the Sun in Virgo and then on the opposite side of the dial he has a small stellium, starting with Venus and ending with the Moon. The Sun/Mars is a good aspect to have in a natal chart as it gives the desire to succeed and an extraordinary amount of energy to see thing through. It also gives a readiness for action and good leadership skills.

Across the dial to Venus, Uranus, Node and Chiron does however take a little bit of the gloss from it. He will have to be careful not to overtax one’s strength. Whilst the transiting Pluto over the Sun/Mars was instrumental in bringing him to power during this election campaign, he may not be so lucky in three years time when Saturn is heading for the same degree.

Kevin Rudd was born to farming parents in Queensland’s hinterland. His father died unexpectedly when he was eleven due to septicemia as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident. Against difficult odds, he went on to excel at university and master the difficult Mandarin language. Overcoming adversity and becoming successful is typical of the dedication to duty that Virgo upholds.

Does all this sound too good to be true? Well, it does set up one to be imposed upon because once this type of personality has given their word they cannot go back on no matter whether it is the right or wrong thing to do. During his election campaign Mr Rudd gave firm election promises that were practically based on sound Virgo principles and this gave him wide public appeal that certainly paid off. We see this, “keeping your word principle” already starting to unfold as Mr Rudd and his entourage head to Bali to join with the United Nations in the summit on climate change as this was one of his key election promises. Although happy to ratify Kyoto Protocol he has been seen to be holding back on some of the key principles.

Heading to the world stage in Bali to commit to cutting green house gases is an interesting one because on the other hand he has committed $1b to give every child in school classes, year 9-12 access to their own computer, assuming he means laptop. Up until now, only children of this age have access to laptop computers in private schools where parents are asked to provide them at a cost of around $3000 including all the softwear. In our city newspaper, “Herald Sun” on December, 8th 2007, there was an article on “Gen Y Fails Green Test,” where they give the figures on Greenhouse gas emissions from a teenager’s bedroom. Laptop computers provided one of the highest at 99kg per year, if used 3 hours a day. So; it seems not a lot of thought has gone into some of the promises. On one hand we are going to cut the greenhouse emissions and on the other we are going to contribute an extra 99kg per person per year who benefit from this key election issue.

One of Rudd’s appeal was to the young voters whom he specifically targeted. Teenagers want to be seen to be doing the right thing and so climate change and global warming were big issues for them. In this same “Herald Sun” article, it said that almost one quarter of the young people surveyed said that environment was one of their major worries but when pointed out that the teenagers bedroom supplies 351kg or 7625 black balloons per year they were horrified and not in the least bit interested in giving up any of their modern technology such as computers, TV’s DVD’s, stereo’s, play station, mobile phones, hair straighteners etc. If the new government were really serious, a much better option for climate change concerns would have been to offer people a free water tank, thus making a genuine contribution.

When first asked who would win the election I had thought that John Howard could have one more term and hand over to Peter Costello as his solar arc showed a change when Jupiter came to Saturn in almost two years time. I have noticed though and mentioned it to my students that since Pluto has been in Sagittarius it seems we may have to extend Ebertin’ s theory of a one degree to a two degree orb as some events were triggering a little early and this proved to be the case.

Once the election date was set, it was easy to see that John Howard had no show of being re-elected. On the 24th November, the transits showed Pluto = Sun/Mars and Sun/Node = Pluto both patterns triggering Mr Rudd’s horoscope. Ebertin describes these transits as advancement through one’s own effort, vocational success and the act of taking possession.

However, there is one more pattern that we must not overlook on the day and that was transiting Mercury = Neptune. This pattern is not so easy to predict as a lot of things are hidden under the surface. It creates wrong judgment, lack of clarity, deception and scandal. Ironically this is a pattern that Australia has in its natal chart and since the country was foundered on convicts from overseas we have seen many a juicy scandal develop in our midst. The questions remaining over the three years are; is he the leader who will take us to the Promised Land or is Mr Rudd just another sheep in wolf’s clothing?

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