Kylie Minogue Horoscope

From “Singing Budgie,” to millennium “Pop Princess,” Kylie Minogue’s success is nothing short of phenomenal. While she may be small in stature, her personality has grown from strength to strength over the years.

According to data found on the internet, this pint size dynamo was born in Melbourne, Australia on 28th May, 1968, around 11.00 am, and on this day in 1968, the heavens revealed a strong Gemini signature, for Kylie has the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in the same sign.

Kylie Minogue, is typical of the Gemini woman, and is many things, exciting, alluring, versatile, and, with a certain thread of restlessness running through her veins, she is in a perpetual stage of child-like wonder.

What a power house combination. With such a concentration of energy in one sign, such as Gemini one is able to present to the world all kinds of perceptions and new ideas.

No wonder she has the ability to continually reinvent herself. Jupiter, planet of luck and fortune has a change of sign and is in Leo. This combination produces a person with immense optimism and self-assurance. Also; Leo has a touch of leadership and royalty about it, so this young lady demands and commands, centre stage and no where is this more evident than in the Broadway inspired shows that she performs.

Success Kylie exploded on to our television screen here in Melbourne in 1986, when she took on the roll of Charlene Mitchell, an apprentice motor mechanic in the television show, “Neighbours.” She was an instant success. My two children, who were 16 and 19 at the time, were amongst the many young Australians who couldn’t get enough of the show.

In 1986, the year Kylie turned 18 her solar arc showed the Sun coming up to Uranus (sudden and unexpected events) and Venus approaching Pluto (an extraordinary power of Attraction) so once she was signed to play the role of Charlene understandably, her fame would come thick and fast. The next year when Venus = Pluto on the solar arc, Kylie’s singing career was discovered and she was signed by Mushroom records.

For seven weeks her first record, “Locomotion,” was number one on the music charts and this success resulted in a trip to London to work with Stock, Aitkin & Waterman. Kylie’s recording career was launched. Changing lifestyles and fitting into her new world was no trouble for this highly versatile and gifted Gemini.

Love Unfortunately for Kylie the strong Gemini in her chart does not promote everlasting love, in fact it is the opposite. These flirtatious individuals with eyes that dart here and there, flip in and out of love. They are driven by mental powers and not so much the physical passion. Gemini’s love the fun of living but shy away from its obligations and although they search for harmony, once the excitement of the chase is over they need to search out their next adventure.

Kylie’s on and off romances has long been documented and it is a shame that she cannot find that one true love. Whilst there is an old saying that there is someone for everyone, Kylie needs to know and understand her own unique horoscope before she can even begin to think about love on that next level. Challenges Over the past few years not only has Kylie been battling relationship challenges but her health took a downward slide.

On 21st May 2005, she underwent treatment for breast cancer in Melbourne. If her time is correct, Pluto was in aspect to the Ascendant, by solar arc, which can indicate the commencing phase of a disease and a drastic change in ones circumstances which was the case.

We note that on the same solar arc, Saturn was in aspect to both Neptune and Jupiter indicating a disruption to existing plans. The diagnosis of breast cancer did lead to the postponement of her Showgirl – The Greatest Hits Tour and her withdrawal from the Glastonbury festival.

Fortunately for Kylie, Jupiter, planet of luck and satisfaction was making a fortunate aspect to Chiron which goes well for healing. It has been said that Chiron functions as a rainbow bridge and when the concerns or health issues are rightly understood, the healing can begin, then and only then we can cross the bridge with confidence. A crisis point usually indicates that a shift in consciousness needs to take place so that change can occur.

Chiron is considered an energetic force that can help that shift and with Jupiter in aspect to Chiron in Kylie’s solar arc directions, she has been able to use the force for healing purposes. Breast cancer has become a culture, almost like joining a club. Healing is much more than just surgery or chemo. I

t is listening to that inner voice and accepting what is. It is about visualization, affirmations and transformation and in healing ones self there is often an overwhelming desire to help others. An article in our local newspaper on Saturday touched on this very subject, highlighting that breast cancer does not play favourites and listed many famous stars as survivors, who now help others.

Olivia Newton-John is notably one of the more well known celebrities who has her own charity, here in Melbourne. OBE This year Kylie Minogue turned 40 and despite her ups and downs uses her profile to help and inspire others.

Her singing career is back on track and she is once again on tour. I have cast a quad dial for the 3rd July, 2008 when Kylie lined up with 1000 others at Buckingham Palace, to receive her OBE, for service to music, which she described as one of the greatest honours of her showbiz career. On the day she collected her OBE the progressed Moon had come to Jupiter, which in turn went across to natal Node and transiting Venus/Jupiter/Moon, indicating social success on a grand scale.

Despite her success, the solar arc for her 40th year does have some personal challenges as we see that Mars = Saturn (hard work and loss of friend Jane McGrath, wife of test cricketer Glen McGrath, through breast cancer) and Saturn = Venus (emotional inhibitions) Later in the year she may have to call upon all her strength as transiting Saturn brings certain restrictions and additional responsibility.

Meanwhile Kylie Minogue continues to do what she does best and that is entertain. She is the consummate professional, bringing her new show KylieX2008 to the world. It is a show full of glamour, illusion, and fantasy.

She was recently quoted as saying, “as a performer I am finally experiencing true freedom.” Kylie is finally getting it all together, such a true Gemini, as perfectly described in the book, “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs.” “The mercurial changes of a Gemini’s expression are as fascinating to watch as the psychedelic lights in the discotheque.

It is hard to tell where the reality ends and illusion begins. They blend – then separate.” Go Girl!

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