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Glorija Lawrence is a professional astrologer/cosmbiologist with over 30 years experience and runs a busy practice in Melbourne, Australia.

She started learning astrology back in 1983 with Doris Greaves and the Regulus Ebertin Study Group of Australia, which at the time was affiliated with the Cosmobiology Academy, Aalen, West Germany. Greaves was authorised by Reinhold Ebertin to teach his method in Australia.

Glorija received her Diploma in Cosmobiology in 1989 with a high distinction. Among many other qualifications she has a graduate Diploma in Counselling (Victoria University 2002) and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Selmar Institute of Education 2012)

Glorija has lectured throughout the world and has had articles published in magazines, journals and newsletters in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Cosmobiology has many layers and if you want to know more about yourself and your family and friends or for the more serious student who wants to find out what the future holds, then these beginner’s modules are for you.

In my course I will teach:

  • Module (1) The 360 Degree Chart
  • Module (2) The 90 degree chart & the Quadruplicities
  • Module (3) Aspects & Orbs
  • Module (4) Solar Arc
  • Module (5) Transits
  • Module (6) Midpoints

The learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding the basic principles of the psychology of our natal chart through the planets and sensitive points in the horoscope.
  • How to convert the traditional/modern 360 degree chart into a Cosmobiology 90 degree circle by transferring them into the quadruplicites. Cardinal (0 – 30 degrees) Mutable (30 – 60 degrees) and Fixed (30 – 90 degrees)
  • In this way the aspects show up immediately while occupied mid-points both direct and indirect can also be readily found.
  • Then we add predicting techniques such as the solar arc and the transiting planets to complete the picture.

Once you master the technique of Cosmobiology the chart becomes a photograph of tomorrow’s events whilst we can also see the past and the present moments at a glance.

Timing is everything in today’s world and if we are able to see potential in our horoscope and take advantage of that knowledge, then our world can be a much better place.

Cosmobiology – learning for life’s journey!

Learn Cosmobiology online with my courses at Udemy

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Learn Cosmobiology online

Learn Cosmobiology online

Learn Cosmobiology Online – British Royals Masterclass

My Masterclasses read and dissect the Horoscopes of famous people or world events. From these you will be able to see how Cosmobiology is the correlation between the cosmos and the individual, in terms of our psychological make up and the timing of events in our life.

Learn Cosmobiology online

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