Luciano Pavarotti Horoscope

Opera lovers around the world were saddened to hear the news that Luciano Pavarotti had died, and although he was born in Modena, Italy, on 12th October, 1935, his talent and his rare gift, belonged to the world.

Times were tough during his formative years but despite the depression and World War II, Pavarotti says, he has only good memories of his upbringing.

Pavarotti started singing in the local church with his father at around nine years of age, but his genius was not recognised until much later. He dabbled in many things before he took singing seriously. On the day that this larger than life character was born the Sun was in the sign of Libra and the Moon in Aries.

Astrotheme website lists his time as 1.40 am which would give him a Leo Ascendant. If this timing is correct it, makes him a triple fire sign and that certainly fits his personality. The ambitiousness of fire sign people is well justified by natural ability and the shear strength of the Leo Ascendant, invariably commands respect. Fire sign personalities can be temperamental and volatile but have the ability to handle even the harshest of conditions, thus being capable of changing everything they touch. Also; the “stick ability’ and optimism of their general outlook, leads to a tolerant and humanitarian view of life.

Wikipedia has a long list of credits under, “Humanitarian work,” in Pavarotti’s biography. From his contributions to war torn countries through his to work with the UN, to the friendship with Princess Diana and raising money for the elimination of land mines, his contribution is well documented and this supports the tolerance of the fire sign personality and their humanitarian viewpoint.

The Libra-Aries personality is a very romantic, adventure seeking combination and he was able to find the attention and adoration he sought through the fans love of his music. Pavarotti’s horoscope had stardom written all over it, as on the day he was born the Sun, Moon, Vertex and Moon’s Node were in close proximity and indicates a relationship with the public. With this aspect, there is also a meeting of the conscious and the unconscious, the spirit and the soul.

Pavarotti began his serious study of music at the age of 19, making his opera debut seven years later. His rise to the top was not without difficulties as the pattern that forms with Mars, Neptune, Chiron in the natal chart, suggests a weakness and fluctuating emotions. This weakness in the chart led to his reputation suffering somewhat as a result of frequently backing out of performances and letting opera houses down. However, highly gifted people who have greatness thrust upon them will always survive and Pavarotti in his later years had immense success.

By way of a change of pace, football fans all around the world were introduced to opera, when in 1990; Pavarotti joined Spain’s Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras at the soccer world cup, and again in years, 1994, 1998 and 2002. He showed his versatility when he sang with Vanessa Williams and the rock band U2. In 1998 he was presented with a Grammy Legend Award.

Pavarotti’s life changed dramatically in the beginning of the new millennium when he divorced his first wife and married his assistant, Nicoletta Mantovani, 34 years his junior. His new found happiness was short lived however, as health woes caused him to cancel concerts. In July 2006 he developed cancer and although he was operated on, his health deteriorated. After extensive treatment Pavarotti died peacefully in his own home on 6th September, 2007 surrounded by his family. On the day he died the Solar Arc Mars had become a mid-point between Jupiter and Saturn across to his public profile (Sun,Node,Moon,Vertex). With transiting Saturn in the first degrees of Virgo triggering the death axis, his fight for life, was over.

Luciano Pavarotti is survived by his wife Nicolletta, his 5 year old daughter Alice and his three daughters from his first marriage, Lorenza, Cristina and Giuliana. He has one grandchild.

They say if you leave this world a better place for having been in it, then your mission is accomplished. Pavarotti has been described as a musical genius of our time. He was an international superstar, loved by millions. His physical body may be still, but as one newspaper reported, his voice is immortal.

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Luciano Pavarotti Horoscope

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Luciano Pavarotti Horoscope