Marilyn Monroe Horoscope

The girl behind the mask that was Norma Jean. She was one of Hollywood’s greatest icons, an enigma and to quote Bert Stern, “she was the light, she was the Goddess and she was the Moon.”

She was dramatic and intensely beautiful and her name was Marilyn Monroe. Earlier this month, if she had lived, she would have celebrated her 80th birthday.

However, it was not to be. For a short time Marilyn seemingly had it all. She came, she conquered and she went out in a blaze of publicity and to this day her brief life on this earth, is still shrouded with controversy.

She was born Norma Jean Baker Mortenson, on 1st June, 1926, 9:30am in Los Angles, California, USA, so why then was this woman so special? Marilyn’s sad life and claim to fame has been well documented.

Her father deserted her mother before she was born. Her mother was institutionalized much of the time and in her early years, Marilyn spent time in and out of foster homes. On the day she was born, the Sun was in the restless sign of Gemini and the Moon in the unconventional sign of Aquarius, which made her a person with high ideals, but the rest of her horoscope showed that she was full of contradictions, impressionable and lacking in self esteem.

On the positive side, Marilyn also had Mercury, planet of communication in the sign of Gemini and these people can be as incisive as a razor’s edge. I read once that their logical, quick-thinking minds are able to out distance most of their rivals and competitors in any mental gymnastics, which along with her good looks, was certainly an advantage, once she became an actress.

However, all the planets and personal points of the horoscope need support to bring out the best in our personality and this was something her chart did not have. With Mars, planet of energetic expression, in the sign of Pisces, she was often confused, soaking up the emotions of others, like a sponge.

Her upbringing and her horoscope were anything but stable and secure, the one thing that she desperately needed. When we look at the patterns in the natal chart on the 90 degree dial, we see that she had the Moon in the detached sign of Aquarius, very close to Saturn and Neptune which is more debilitating than strengthening a person’s nature.

In the book, “Combination of Stellar Influences,” by Reinhold Ebertin, Saturn and Neptune together indicate suffering and renunciation, a struggle between idealistic and material tendencies. With the Moon close by, it does suggest illness through emotional suffering. Sometimes, one pattern can tell the whole story of our life as it did with this major pattern. Her early life was unstable, going from foster home to foster home. She married for the first time when she was 16 but her husband was quickly whisked off to war and she was alone once again.

Being photographed for an army calendar led to modelling and later movie parts. She soon became well known for her blonde image and extremely sexy appearance and later when Marilyn tried to shake off this image she couldn’t. She was already typecast. The story goes that she began to hate acting the dumb blonde role and longed for more. She had three unsuccessful marriages and two pregnancies that went wrong, so it wasn’t hard to fall back into the role of insecurity. Drugs became her best friend and so the rest is history.

In the early part of 1962 things were working against her astrologically. As the Sun progressed through the horoscope it made a major pattern with Pluto, Mars and the Moon’s Node which can bring on, a complete breakdown. By Solar Arc, the Sun at the age of 36, had come to the mid-point of Pluto/Moon’s Node and was being activated by Uranus, planet of change and sudden upsets. The Moon’s Node had also reached the natal Saturn/Neptune, indicating a depressed state of mind. As well, by transit Pluto, planet of force majeure or providence, was triggering off the natal Sun position. It was almost like she was in a vice like grip with her whole world falling in on her.

On the day she died, Saturn was very close to the Moon’s Node in the heaven’s, which is a very karmic pattern, indicating her time was here on earth was finished. It would have also indicated the great pall of sadness that hung over the world after her passing. Despite the controversy suggesting her death had been fixed by person’s unknown, the horoscope tells us that it was probably death by misadventure, more likely being caused by an accidental overdose.

Considering the state of her mind, her dependence on drugs and the depressive nature of her horoscope, she would have just passed peacefully from this world to the next. However, if we continually shroud her memory in mystery and intrigue, she continues to be an icon. Once again the old age argument of fate and free will comes to the fore. What could she have done to overcome the difficulties prescribed within a horoscope?

There was not a great deal in her chart to show her fame, but much to indicate her misfortune. Many people have the Saturn/Neptune pattern in their natal chart but survive, despite the difficulties. In 1945, the year I was born, there was a Saturn/Neptune in the heaven’s above. I have the Ascendant close by. When astrologically speaking, I realised that one could have an emotionally deprived life, I decided to turn it into something positive by working with people in grief. I also updated my qualifications by obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Loss and Grief Counselling.

In 1953 ,when the Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair was born, that same pattern was there. Born on the 6th May at 6.10 am in Edinburgh, Scotland, however, he has the Vertex in Libra, conjunct this point, strengthening his ability to communicate during hostile times. Since his election to power in 1997, he has had to deal with many confronting issues such as violence, terrorism, the war in Iraq and Mad Cow Disease. He was also involved in peace negotiations with NATO, during the conflict in Yugoslavia. So; his horoscope is playing out in a more positive role.

Coming up very shortly, Saturn will join Neptune in the heavens so there will be a period of time when once again babies will be born with this aspect. Saturn in Leo joins Neptune in Aquarius for a short time from 25/8/2006 to 9/9/2006 and again 19/2/2007 to 22/3/2007 and 6/6/2007, finally moving away around 8/7/2007. All these youngsters will need extra care and attention in a kind and loving environment. But in the meantime, getting back to Marilyn Monroe, we thank her for playing out her life on centre stage and leaving us with the legacy of Movie Star and Sex Symbol.

Quoting the words in an article written in the “Herald Sun, Good Weekend” magazine, dated 27th May 2006, it states: Marilyn Monroe “The woman with the rinky-dink voice who was every man’s love affair with America… the sweet angel of sex… the very Stradivarius of sex”

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Marilyn Monroe Horoscope

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Marilyn Monroe Horoscope