Mel Gibson Horoscope

There is an old saying, “how the mighty fall,” and for Hollywood actor/producer and director Mel Gibson, the headlines in newspapers all over the world this week, said it all.

The outspoken Gibson was arrested in a boozy rampage after he was stopped for speeding at around 2.30 am on Friday, near his Malibu mansion, California, USA. Born in Peekskill, New York on 3rd January 1956, this highly talented and outspoken star moved to Australia when he was around 12 years of age. Mel Gibson graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney in 1977 and after success in Australia, moved back to the United States to continue his career.

As a Capricorn, Gibson’s natal chart reveals an ambitious, opinionated and highly independent individual whose strength lies in endurance and fortitude.

At around 4.30 pm on the day he was born the Moon changed signs from Virgo to Libra so without a time of birth it is difficult to access which sign it is in, as both signs show some characteristics of his personality.

Virgo Moon people are competent and conscientious and appear much more self confident than they really are. Some would say these individuals are, “timid, under and impressive exterior.” This position also gives extremely good analytical skills which would help with his work as a film director and producer.

On the other hand, the Moon in Libra gives a kind of inspirational faith in one’s own infallibility that can border on being eccentric. This position also gives visionary and imaginative viewpoints on many things which again would be good for anyone in the film industry.

The combination of the Sun in Capricorn and Mars, planet of enterprise, self-assertion and forcefulness in the sign of Scorpio does give the indication that ambition and luck go hand-in-hand and Mel certainly has had his share of both these attributes. However, with Venus in the sign of Aquarius, it does not always promise harmony. When he is working to his full capabilities we do sense a man of brilliance but when idle time hits, drinking allegedly become a problem. Hard working and practical, he does need purpose and direction.

Gibson’s horoscope shows a highly complex character with a direct and extremely rigid point of view. This bears out in the many times he has had a brush with the press. According to the newspaper reports, Gibson has admitted to being an alcoholic, who has at various times been in rehab. His controversial viewpoint, on various subjects such as his devotion to his Catholic faith, homosexuality and anti-Semitic remarks has been well documented. On the 90 degree dial his brilliance and inconsistencies also show up through two major patterns
The first one is the Mercury/Neptune/Uranus across to the Moon’s Node which is a classic interpretation of the actor archetype. It denotes a rich fantasy life with the power of imagination, vision and perception combined with a public life. Pattern number two is the very powerful, Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto, which shows a person who is unafraid of trouble or work, in order to attain success. Patience and perseverance are strong virtues but on the negative side, dissatisfaction with ones self can lead to irritation, vexation and annoyance.

Mel Gibson’s horoscope shows all the hall marks of success, but it is terribly sad when one is lacking in the understanding of ones own inner complex system which leads to self destructing behaviour. When one’s horoscope is not in synchronicity, it can lead to frustration and behavioural problems, which often overrides one’s success.

From spotlight to lowlight, Gibson’s latest antics give little sympathy for this controversial star and already there are suggestions from some Hollywood quarters that he be shunned. So; what lies in store for this handsome and talented star, who it seems has far too much money and time on his hands. Let us take a look at the Ingress chart to look for clues for this disgraceful behaviour. The chart is cast for the Cancer period, starting on 21 June, 2006 at 5.25.13 am in Los Angeles California as this is where Mel Gibson calls home these days.

The patterns made on the Ingress chart cover events that may eventuate, over the next three months. Usually without a time for a birth we use a noon chart but I have used the 4.00 pm chart as the Moon ties in to the Sun/Moons Node of the Ingress, which usually donates a very public event. Even without the Moon is this position, the mid-point of the Ingress Sun/Node is the Mid-point of Gibson’s Sun/Node and Saturn/Neptune.

Also this midpoint pattern would be highlighted every Ingress regardless, as the Sun is always on zero degrees in an Ingress chart. To use this method for accurate predicting and timing of events, one watches the daily transits as they move over the natal + Ingress chart, during the months of the pattern. Saturn on the Ingress was on 9 degrees of Leo and by the time he was arrested had moved to the Venus of his natal chart.

Venus/Saturn is a difficult pattern and highlights emotional inhibitions and the state of being unsatisfied. If not understood can lead to self-torment. The Mid-point of the Sun/Moon’s Node on the Ingress chart also links into the Saturn/Neptune of the natal chart bringing depressing or pessimistic thoughts and a dual character struggling between the higher and lower self. In a primetime interview with Diane Sawyer in 2004, Gibson said that he was an addict and subject to mood swings.

However, even the most difficult aspects can be a blessing if we learn to understand our horoscope. Rabbi Levi Bondar, of the Minyan Jewish Community here in Melbourne stated in a weekend article (Melbourne Herald Sun 9/8/2006) that even though Gibson said he was sorry and the excuse was an on going struggle with alcohol abuse, he had just shifted the responsibility of his actions to the bottle.

This excellent article sums up much of Gibson’s behavioural problems but change has to start with one’s self and unless Gibson can recognise this, the cycle just continues. Rabbi Levi calls this, “facing his own demons.” Whether he goes to jail or not remains to be seen as the transits Saturn are not to kind to him over the coming months and these are:

Saturn midpoint Venus/Mars – emotional inhibitions or of regained soberness

Saturn = Mars – disputes, separation, illness, case of death (physically or spiritually)

Saturn = Pluto – hard labour or cruelty

Saturn = Saturn – inhibitions, melancholy, loneliness

Saturn = Jupiter – change of residence or circumstances

While all this information looks rather gloomy, at the same time the transiting Jupiter in Scorpio passes over these same planets and does offer some hope that he may be able to eventually scape through the dark tunnel.

This incident may also test the dynamics between husband, wife and his family. However, in the end we know this is a wake up call for Mel Gibson and he will have to work very hard at his relationships, not only with his wife and family but also the once magnetic power that he had over Hollywood and its people.

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Mel Gibson Horoscope

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