Melbourne Burnley Tunnel Disaster Horoscope

Around 10.00 am on Thursday 22nd March 2007, after visiting my son at the airport on his way home to Canberra, from an overseas trip, I went through what is known as the Burnley tunnel. This tunnel is the longer of the two tunnels known as City Link which moves our traffic around the busy city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on any given day.

The Burnley tunnel is 3.4km long and runs under the Yarra River. In discussion with my son I had been telling him of the particularly nasty transits of the next few days and advised him to be careful, in turn I too said that I would drive home carefully.

I travel the highways and the byways of the busy city roads a lot and often use both tunnels, the shorter one into the city is known as the Domain tunnel and the longer one out, is the Burnley. As I travelled through the tunnel that morning I had one of those feelings of impending doom and my physic perception turned out to be spot on.

The next morning, at the same time I had travelled through the tunnel the morning before, at 9.55am to be precise, a truck travelling through the tunnel stopped because of a tyre blow out.

Allegedly, two vehicles attempting to merge right were then struck by another semi-trailer. Three vehicles in total were hit by the second semi, one being crushed between the wall and the first semi, the other between the two trucks.

A third car was hit from the side and struck by another semi. A car burst into flames and with in seconds the tunnel became an inferno. The deadly pile-up took three lives and injured two. Four hundred people were evacuated. 30 fire trucks and 84 fire fighters attended the crash scene. Also there were 10 special police crash investigators, and later, the Coroner and his team.

An explosion triggered the inferno and witnesses described the incident like a bomb going off. Mayhem was experienced by those left stranded in the tunnel and traffic in this area, was diverted for days. It intrigued me when I first started learning Astrology, to find that countries, states, cities and towns all have horoscopes like we do. Victoria’s horoscope is, 12th November, 1851, at 10.30 am, local mean time.

For some reason I thought this date was the opening of the Victorian parliament, however I found whilst researching this article that the opening of parliament was sometime later but in fact the state of Victoria came into being on that date, under the Separation Act in 1851. In the Victorian horoscope, the Scorpio Sun is very strong and gives people the will-power to succeed and to maintain one’s position in life.

On the negative side, Scorpio’s ruling planets, Mars and Pluto have a lot to do with force and aggression and rule the underworld and we certainly have our share of crime and violence. The Moon on 25 degrees of Taurus refines our love of art and beautiful things. The degree of the Moon is interesting because it is on the fixed star Algol, considered one of the most violent stars in the heavens. Mars in Leo gives Victorian’s a love of life, pride and passion governing our actions.

As a group we have a large heart and intense emotions. One just has to listen to Melbourne talk back radio, on any given day, to see how passionate and generous we really are. We are also very passionate about our sport.

The city of Melbourne has been voted the world’s most liveable city and recently held the title of the event capital of the world. All very much related to the Moon in Taurus and Mars in Leo. Many major dramatic events have been linked to this chart and it has proved to be quite revealing. Devastating bush fires, Westgate Bridge collapse, and who can forget the loss of our Prime Minister, Harold Holt off the coast of Cheviot Beach, in 1967, just to mention a few. Let us now look at the Victorian chart for the 23rd March, 2007 to see why this disaster occurred.

Mars in Aquarius had joined Saturn Leo and this was transiting the Sun of Victoria’s chart. The Mars/Saturn combination as given in Ebertin’s book, “Combination of Stellar Influences” brings harmful or destructive energy and when combined with the Sun, says, “death of male members of the population.”

Whilst looking up the aspects for this story, before we knew of the names of the deceased, I said to my husband that it was possible that the three deaths were all males and so they were. The clues in Ebertin’s interptation of aspects is amazingly accurate.

The Mars/Saturn also made a midpoint to Pluto and Neptune which again backs up the death of many, and this can be through gas or poison and one of the cars involved did burst into flames from leaking gas. I also decided to look at the chart of the premier of Victoria, Steve Bracks, as being in charge of the health and well being of our people, then logically something would have to show up.

At the time of the inferno, the Moon on Algol, 25 degrees of Taurus, was exactly conjunct his Moon. Also the transiting Mars/Saturn is linked in to the Mid-Heaven or career potential of Mr Brack’s natal chart.

The Mid-Heaven in the chart of a Premier of a State or a prime Minister, usually relates to the people of his kingdom. Therefore, he would have been emotionally distressed at the news. A coincidence some may say but I think not. If we are an important person in a state or country or our lifestyle hums to the pulse of the place we live, then our charts must link in, in some way. James Van Praagh, in his book, “Healing Grief,” says, “that an important and painful part of the life experience is grief, which is a natural consequence of loss.

The degree of pain and discomfort associated with grief will vary depending on the degree of loss and our relationship with the loss.” In today’s instant world of modern technology we cannot help but get caught up in the grief of others whether we know them or not. It is on our television screens and in our daily newspapers.

This week here in Melbourne we see the funerals of the three men who lost their lives in this horrific accident. We cannot help but be moved and our hearts go out to their loved ones in their time of grief. Every now and again, we pick up on the scary synchronicity of life’s pulse.

I find that when I had no knowledge of astrology, these vibes were extremely disconcerting, however now one takes them in ones stride. This strange feeling, whilst travelling, I had felt once before, on 4th January, 1975 when travelling to the Hobart airport to return to Melbourne.

As I crossed the Tasman bridge, I had a strong feeling of impending doom and all the way home on the plane I still couldn’t shake it off. Once you get home of course you feel rather silly as you are safe and sound. The next day, the 5th January, around the same time that I had crossed the bridge the day before, a ship called the Lake Illawarra crashed into a pylon demolishing part of the bridge.

Twelve people lost their lives as they speed across the bridge, into the Derwent River. To say I was spooked was an understatement, as I had no knowledge of astrology and nothing to warn me of the aspects of the day. Incidentally, Saturn was almost on the same degree which ties in with my Saturn/Neptune.

Melbourne Burnley Tunnel Disaster Horoscope

Melbourne Burnley Tunnel Disaster Horoscope

Melbourne Burnley Tunnel Disaster Horoscope

Melbourne Burnley Tunnel Disaster Horoscope

Melbourne Burnley Tunnel Disaster Horoscope

Melbourne Burnley Tunnel Disaster Horoscope

Melbourne Burnley Tunnel Disaster Horoscope

Melbourne Burnley Tunnel Disaster Horoscope