Melbourne Cup 2006 Horoscope

Every year, around 3.00 pm on the first Tuesday in November, here in Melbourne, we run the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most prestigious horse race.

It is a race that stops a nation and over the past few years it has steadily gained momentum around the world. It is twenty years, this year, since I got my first paid astrological writing assignment.

It was for a special magazine put out by the “New Idea,” called, “Astrology ‘86” and because I had an interest in horseracing, I was allowed to write an article about the Melbourne Cup and the top jockey’s of the day.

Doris Greaves was editor of this little magazine and I think she was humouring me by allowing me to write the racing pages, as she had once told me, that one could not pick the winner in a horse race. Being an Aries, that is like, “rag to a bull,” as nobody tells an Aries they can’t do something.

Well, over the past twenty years it has been a very frustrating hobby as I checked out the many different techniques that others had used. Mostly, it was hit and miss as the noted astrologers used the tradition method and as there are 24 horses in the field, there are lot of variables, but using the Cosmobiology system I have had, reasonable success.

I looked at the patterns the planets made on the 90 degree dial and I also looked at the charts of the jockeys and trainers. Again this was lengthy and arduous and even though I was often able to get up to 15 horoscopes, it still left too many gaps.

Also, Aries like to find the quickest way to do something. Slow and arduous is not their style. One day whilst having class on picking race horse winners it suddenly struck me, that the sign the Moon was in on race day was probably the best clue, provided you knew what some of the horses names meant.

The year was 1999 and the Moon was in the sign of Virgo. I asked one of the students to call out the names of the horses in the Melbourne Cup and when it came to Rogan Josh, I said, “What does that mean?” Someone said, “that is an Indian curry”. And as strange as it may seem, I decided that was going to be the winner as Virgo rules health and diet.

My line of thinking was that Rogan Josh was healthy food. He duly saluted and I have used that method ever since. Over the past 7 years I have picked 6 winners So, I am pleased to share my technique and if you have a Virgo signature, you may be able to have a better success rate than me.

2006 Melbourne Cup The chart for the 2006 Melbourne Cup is cast for 3.00 pm , eastern daylight savings time, -11, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. This year the Moon is in the sign of Gemini, therefore we need to look for horses that have a Gemini flavour. Gemini rules things like communication, information, writing, publishing, advertising, study, transport, youth, errands, criticism.

The horses in this year’s cup are: 1. Yeats 2. Delta Blues 3. Railings 4. Tawqeet 5. Geordieland 6. Headturner 7. Short pause 8. Activation 9. Land ‘N Stars 10. Mahoum 11. On A Jeune 12. Pop Rock 13. Zipping 14. Dizelle 15. Ice Charriot 16. Kerry O’Reilly 17. Zabeat 18. Art Success 19. Demerger 20. Glistening 21. Mandela 22. Dolphin Jo 23. Maybe Better 24. Efficient. On the 90 degree dial we see that the Sun, Neptune, Venus, Vertex and Mercury are all together which indicates that their may be an overseas influence. Sun/Neptune/Venus also indicates that the theme could include the arts such as poets or singers.

The Node and Pluto form an aspect so there should be a large crowd, in excess of 100,000. The Derby on Saturday brought 129 thousand people to Flemington so it will be hard to beat that. Well; what does all this mean in terms of trying to pick the winner as there are several horses that could have the Gemini influence?

Remember that Gemini also has a dual influence. One also has to have a lucky chart to win. Two favourites come to mind and they are Yeats, a famous poet so words/writing are considered and Tawqeet.

I am not sure what this word means but the dictionary says that Taw means, among other things, the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet or the corresponding letters in any of the various ancient Semetic alphabet so could fit the pattern.

This year with Neptune in the mix, it is not an easy chart to pick the winner as it does not give a clear direction, so people wanting to pick via this method need to look through the field themselves and decide on what they feel is a Gemini flavour. Writng could also relate to music as well as poems. We have two horses who fit the music theme, Pop Rock and Delta Blues. I did not have a winning chart so did not have a bet which was just as well as I would have probably taken Yeats.

The eventual winner was Delta Blues, the Japanese horse/Japanese Jockey, second was Pop Rock, also from Japan, with an Australian jockey on board and third was Maybe Better, an Australian horse. They say to be in love sends the blood racing to the brain, so for those of us who are hooked on racing, there is always another day.

Now that the 2006 Emirates 5 Million Dollar Cup has been run and won, our love affair with the sport will keep the bubbles alive in the champagne of desire to try and pick another winner.

Melbourne Cup 2006 Horoscope

Melbourne Cup 2006 Horoscope