Melbourne Cup 2007 Horoscope

The greatest horse racing festival in Australia has been run and won once again.

The first week in November is the time of the year here in Melbourne when the talk is of nothing else. The city goes crazy and the first Tuesday in November is the day we run the cup. It is an intoxicating part of Melbourne’s landscape.

I have tried many different methods over the past 25 years and like all horary questions, unless you have a lucky chart yourself, chances are you will miss a clue and not pick the winner. One of the methods I use is the placement of the Moon in the zodiac on the day.

To me, this is the starting place, the first clue and then we look to the patterns on the 90 degree dial to substantiate our choice.

Traditional astrologers will look to the house patterns of the chart and all systems have a certain value. This is called interpreting the language of the stars, or cracking the code and what we hope to do on the day, is have a bit of fun.

The chart for the 2007 Melbourne Cup was cast for 3.00 pm, eastern daylight savings time, -11, Melbourne, Victoria Australia. This year the Moon is in the sign of Libra and so we need to look for horses with a Venus flavour. Venus clues with a Libra flavour are, love and beauty, art, creativity, sense of form, giftedness, decorations, ornaments, music, pleasure, adornment, merchants, luxury, forests, balance and harmony.

The horses in this year’s cup are:

Blue Monday
Maybe Better
Tungsten Strike
Black Tom
Master O’Reilly
Purple Moon
Lazer Sharp
On a Jeune
Scenic Shot
Dolphin Jo
Douro Valley
The Fuzz
Eskimo Queen
Princess Coup
The patterns on the day are interesting and again, very powerful. We have Venus=Pluto across to the Sun. (Unusual sense of form, extraordinary powers of attraction, a special artistic giftedness, and powerful women) and the Saturn/Node which has a common thread through this carnival, favours horses at longer odds.

I narrowed the field down to four. Maybe Better (Libran’s always trying to do the right thing by others) Mahler (last of the great romantic composers) On a Jeune (a young girl – Jeune won 1994 Melbourne Cup with Moon in Libra) Sculptor (an artistic creation, ridden by a woman jockey Lisa Cropp)

This year I thought I had a good chart to speculate, but forgot that a couple of hours after the race the Moon began transiting the Acendant/Neptune/Saturn, on 3,4 and 5 of the cardinal signs, which of course did not help with picking the winner. In a book called, “Racing By Numbers,” written in 1928 it has this to say, “Venus is symbolised as Material at base, surmounted by soul. Love is wonderfully expressed.

Then in the latest “Horoscope” magazine, Paula Glassman says, “according to astrological tradition, Venus is the planet that oversees art and beauty, offering a gateway to the domain of expression that uses symbol, metaphor, and sensory awareness to explore experience.” However, despite, “love being in the air,” Venus, found its expression in the simplicity of the Libra personality just doing a good job, weighing up the balance and being very efficient.

I guess the clue for me was in my interpretation of, “Maybe Better,” Libran’s always trying to do the right thing by others, in other words, very EFFICIENT. The results were; 1st EFFICIENT 2nd Purple Moon 3rd Mahler.

Some people I know picked Purple Moon because Jupiter and Pluto were in the 10th House so as you can see all systems are valid. Best I could do was Mahler who was 3rd.

Now that the race is over, it is back to the drawing board for next year, however with the Moon in Capricorn we cannot underestimate the value of this horse if it runs again, as Capricornian’s are very efficient, more so than any other sign.

Melbourne Cup 2007 Horoscope

Melbourne Cup 2007 Horoscope