Melbourne Cup 2008 Horoscope

1983 winning “Melbourne Cup” jockey, Jimmy Cassidy once said, “ there is an instant adrenaline-rush with racing.”

With four planets in Sagittarius plus the Moon’s Node and Chiron also in the same sign, perhaps that is why racing is so popular here in Australia. We are a nation not only addicted to sports, but also addicted to gambling, and yes we love that adrenalin rush.

Once again, it is time to look at the field for the running of that race that stops a nation. This year the 2008 Emirates Melbourne Cup is cast for 3.00 pm, eastern daylight savings time, -11, Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

The Moon is in the sign of Capricorn but it is the patterns that make it a very interesting chart. Saturn is the ruler of the Moon, therefore we look at horse’s names which suggest, civil service, discipline, security, sadness, property, houses, lead, bridges, slow pace, all of which have a Capricorn flavour.

There are also three distinct patterns that need to be taken into consideration. First we have Uranus, planet of upsets and suddenness mid-point Saturn and Venus.

This is usually a sadness to do with women. The second pattern is Part of Fortune =Mars = Neptune (drugs, alcohol or overseas connections) and the third pattern is, Pluto across the dial to Vertex/ Sun/Node (popular win or winner. History in the making) The horses in this year’s cup are:

1. Septimus
2. Master O’Reilly
3. Honolulu
4. C’est La Guerre
5. Nom De Jeu
6. Yellowstone (scratched)
7. Zipping
8. Mad Rush
9. Ice Chariot
10. Viewed
11. Littorio
12. Bauer
13. Boundless
14. Gallopin
15. Guyno
16. Zarita (scratched)
17. Newport
18. Profound Beauty
19. Red Lord
20. Varevees
21. Prize Lady
22. Alessandro Volta
23. Barbaricus
24. Moatize

For those who use the house system, Uranus is in the first house excitement and upsets. Venus/Pluto in the 10th, (a very powerful and popular win.) Moon/Jupiter in the 11th, (a crowd favourite.) and Cancer on the 5th house cusp (home and family)

This year’s cup race like most others is hard to pick. Logic tells us the if you have a winning chart, then chances are, your thinking will be correct but for others with a chart showing a loss then it does not matter what one does, you will come off second best.

If the gambling instinct is strong, one will have a flutter anyway but always remember the golden rule and that is to make sure you do not bet more than you can afford to lose. On the same date although several hours behind us is the American election so they too have a similar chart to go to the polls.

If Obama is to win the 2008 presidential race, history will be made and the chart has to reflect this so in line with that thinking history should also be made in the running of this years cup. I

n our Melbourne cup field, horse trainer, Bart Cummings has two runners in the field, Viewed and Moatize and if one of his horses crosses the line first then he will collect his 12th cup win and go down in equine history. Bart Cummings is already a sporting legend here in Australia.

As a horse trainer he has an amazing skill to produce a winner from almost nowhere. Both of these horses fit the theme of the Capricorn Moon. The word ,Viewed for real estate ( as in viewing a property) and Moatize as in a moat around a property and a bridge to enter. Sun/Node across to Pluto, would suggest a record crowd on track and a record crowd at the races or close to it. It is always harder to pick a winner when several patterns are involved and some of the horses names we do not know the meaning of until after the race.

I have always enjoyed racing and of course having a bet so after the event it will be back to the drawing board. So armed with all that information and using our detective skills to solve the riddle, I would have to go with one of Bart Cumming’s two horses.

With Venus/Saturn in the equation then it suggests the winner will be the least fancied of his two runners. Moatize is ridden by a woman jockey so that may mean that Venus/Saturn is a disappointment for her. The two horse with the Roman touch, are Septimus and Barbaricus could also be aligned to Capricorn, but either of them winning would not give us a record. So; happy picking and whatever will be, will be.

Results: 1st Viewed Bart Cummings trainer. Blake Shin Jockey 2nd Bauer and 3rd place C’est La Guerre.

NOTE: the winning owner was Dato Tan Chin a friend of Bart Cummings for more than 35 years and it was also a record win for him as this was his 4th Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne Cup 2008 Horoscope

Melbourne Cup 2008 Horoscope