Mick Jagger’s girlfriend

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They say lightening doesn’t strike twice, but if you are Mick Jagger and you do not have an astrologer for a friend to time your events, then it certainly can.

The much awaited Rolling Stones tour of Australia in March 2014 took on a sombre note when news came through that Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, L’Wren Scott committed suicide in New York.

Mick and the boys returned to the United States for the funeral service and the concerts were re scheduled for later in the year.

Now back in Australia, they performed their first concert in Adelaide on October, 25th and their second concert at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena on Wednesday 5th November, to sell out crowds and rave reviews.

Who would have thought that when we woke up to a full Moon on Friday morning, Mick Jagger was about to cancel his Saturday night concert at Hanging rock, just out of Melbourne, due to a throat infection.

So; as a curious astrologer I decided to check his horoscope and find out what was going on. Jagger was born on 26th July, 1943 at 2.30 am in Dartford, England. On the day he was born the Sun was in the sign of Leo and the Moon in the sign of Taurus.

This is an intense and dramatic combination, sensual and materialistic. These individuals love the pursuit of power for the comfort and luxury it provides and with Mercury, planet of communication and Jupiter, planet of luck also, in the sign of Leo it makes his desires in life, all consuming.

Lucky for us his desires and passions were channelled into the music world and the rest as they say in the classics is history. Mick Jagger, front man for the Rolling Stones has been wowing audiences for over 50 years.

His chart has success written all over it. If we take a look at the 90 degree dial we see that Mars, planet of energy and drive is in the sign of Taurus, a very sensual placement and is very close to Mercury in Leo, which favours the entertainment world.

Jupiter, planet of luck and fortune conjunct Pluto, planet of power, is considered one of the most lucky and successful combinations of the zodiac. It is also considered to be a brilliant gift for organisation and intellectual leadership. Once Jagger found his path in life he was able to direct all his energy into a long and successful career.

The first chart I drew up was for 17th March, the day L’Wren Scott committed suicide and here we see Saturn, planet of frustration, disciple and loss on 23 degrees of Scorpio, just starting it’s retrograde motion and this is very close to the square of his Moon in Taurus.

Saturn takes two-and-a-half years to transit all 30 degrees of one sign and during this period has several retrograde motions. Now when we look at the full Moon chart for his return Australian concert in October and November, we see that Saturn is back on the same degree. So; is this a coincidence that one concert has been cancelled or is it astrology playing tricks on us.

During the next week or so the Moon in his chart is under some very difficult aspects with both Venus and the Sun transiting the degree of Saturn and the Moon. One would be inclined to think that Jagger’s health could still be a contentious issue.

Some pundits say that there is more to this saga than meets the eye. The negative side to the Saturn transit to the Moon can produce melancholia, which in modern day terms means depression.

It has been reported that Jagger is in the middle of a law suit involving underwriters of the insurance policy taken out before his last tour to Australia. It also reported that he was suffering ‘acute traumatic stress disorder’ after the death of L’Wren Scott. News over the next week or so may not be good for this law suit.

When the first tour was cancelled we put that down to fate but when part of the return tour is cancelled we might say that lightening has struck twice. Carolyn Myss, respected author, lecturer and mystic, would call this high humour from the Gods, but Mick Jagger fans were not amused in fact they were down right angry when the concert cancelled. Watch this space.

In my next article I will look at the compatibility between, Jagger and Scott and the circumstance surrounding her death.

Mick Jagger’s girlfriend – Chart for the date of L’Wren Scott’s suicide

Mick Jagger’s girlfriend

Mick Jagger’s Full Moon Chart

Mick Jagger’s girlfriend

Mick Jagger’s 360 and 90 Degree Chart

Mick Jagger’s girlfriend