Miranda Kerr and James Packer

The super model and the billionaire

During the month of May controversy surrounded casino mogul and billionaire, James Packer when he got caught up in a public spat outside his Bondi mansion in Sydney, with television chief and long time friend, David Gyngell.

Newspaper journalists had a field day with headlines like “Packer Wacker,” and “Billionaire Dollar Biffo.” For the lone photographer, who witnessed the fight, it was a dream come true and a bidding war for the photographs and video clips ensured a rich purse.

Life long friends traded blows and wrestled each other to the ground. Packer was clearly angry as the punches were thrown in abject fury. As reported by the newspapers, this was much, much more than a couple of mates rumbling.

So what’s it all about? According to the newspaper, the life long friends went to war over a series of personal disputes, including the breakdown of Packer’s marriage last September.,

It has been reported that since his split with his wife he has been romantically linked with super model Miranda Kerr who recently parted ways with husband, Orlando Bloom.

Both have fervently denied the rumours saying that they are just friends but sometimes where there is smoke, there is a hot affair.

For people in the spotlight it is very hard to maintain normal relationships as their every move is examined by social media. I was reminded recently when I read these words by Danielle Synot, “that every heart’s cry is to love and be loved unconditionally. Human beings long to connect emotionally and feel the joy and peace that true unconditional love promises to bring.” However; for the rich and famous this is sometimes an illusive dream.

So; as UK astrologer, Frank Clifford would say, “Let’s get to the heart of the charts and see what is going on.” James Packer was born on 8th September, 1967 in Sydney Australia and took over the family newspaper business when his father died in 2005.

The Moon changed signs from Libra to Scorpio on the day he was born. Since his father died I have watched him gradually grow, emerging from the shadows of his larger than life father, into a power house personality in his own right.

Given James Packer’s drive and determination I have rectified the chart for a Scorpio Moon, which gives a natural feeling for business and finance. He also has the planet Mars in the sign of Scorpio adding extra drive to the personality.

Once he found his feet he knew what he wanted and was driven to feed the need for power and position. The Virgo/Scorpio combination brings luck in material matters. Packer is a radical thinker who believes in reform and can think outside the square. His reserved intellect masks his inner nature that is secretive, sensual and deeply passionate.

Life is a matching grant so; has he found in Miranda Kerr that, “illusive hearts cry for unconditional love.” She was born in Sydney on 20th April 1983, and raised in the small town of Gunnedah, New South Wales. Kerr started modelling at the tender age of 13 and 1997 won a nationwide model search, hosted by Dolly magazine. She has since gone on to become a top international model.

On the day she was born the Sun was in the sign of Aries and the Moon in the sign of Leo and with Mars in Taurus, brings fine executive qualities.

This combination also gives charm, vitality, enthusiasm, and the courage to dare and create. I could not find a time of birth but if she has a Capricorn Ascendant this would increase and enhance all the above qualities as well as add that ambitious quality that seems apparent.


One of the benefits of the Cosmobiology astrological system is that it is an all encompassing, holistic tool and ideal for looking at the compatibility between two people. With Packer and Kerr romantically linked so soon after their respective marriage breakdowns we need to know if there is any truth in the rumours or is just media propaganda.

Looking at the two charts on the 90 degree dial there is an interesting combination with both Sun and Moon signs making strong connections on the last degree of cardinal and the first degree of the fixed signs. In James case, the pattern goes across the dial and connects with his natal Sun.

This combination has been described as a spiritual connection or a sex union. It fosters good relationships between partners in public life. Both are very independent and successful in their own right.

It has also been reported that Kerr has had family problems to deal with, as well as her marriage breakdown and that the billionaire has been a willing shoulder to lean on.

Future Trends using Quad-Wheel

The quad wheel is designed to be able to view past, present and future trends all at once. There is a little bit of skill in mastering the system but once you have, it opens up a whole new dynamic for looking at life’s events.

The inside circle is the natal chart. The next circle is solar arc, which directs all planets and angles forward in the natal chart at the same rate, usually linked to the movement of the secondary progressed Sun, which is about 1 degree a day. All planets and personal points of the natal chart are directed by the same degree for each year of life. (often described as a year for a day)

The next circle is the progressed chart and the outside circle shows the transits for the day the event is cast. James Packer has just had a major astrological shift with the progressed Sun moving from the sign of Libra into the sign of Scorpio, where I have put the pointer to show the connections to all charts. The transiting Node in the sign of Libra, which is often linked to fame, could have been the triggering factor in this event.

Scorpio is one of the strongest sign of the zodiac and gives, an intense emotional drive. This also links in with the progressed Venus and can certainly indicate the beginning of a love relationship. I have put the arrow on the quad dial so you can see the connections very clearly.

As I write this article, Miranda Kerr’s progressed Sun is about to move from the sign of Taurus into the sign of Gemini, so she also has a major shift in her life.

Add to the mix, transiting Pluto to her progressed Venus and this can give strong feelings of love and extraordinary powers of attraction.

It will be interesting to watch the transiting Neptune, planet of impressionability as it moves over the Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter of Kerr’s natal chart over the next two years. This is an amazing aspect and it could just be that she is about to hop on a magic carpet ride and be transported into a world of abundance and riches, the like of which she has never known.

It has often been said that it is love that makes the world go round and with all this activity taking place astrologically in these two charts, we will watch with interest over the coming months and see if their hunger for love is able to connect and become something more than just tabloid fodder. We wish them well in their search for spiritual peace.

Miranda Kerr’s 360 and 90 Degree Chart

Miranda Kerr and James Packer

Miranda Kerr’s Publicity Chart

Miranda Kerr and James Packer

James Packer’s 360 and 90 Degree Chart

Miranda Kerr and James Packer

James Packer’s Publicity Chart

Miranda Kerr and James Packer

Packer – Kerr Compatibility Chart

Miranda Kerr and James Packer