Mischa Barton Horoscope

In the celebrity stakes, one could say that “OC’s” Mischa Barton could run before she could walk.

Born in London, England on 24th January 1986 she moved to New York with her parents when she was four years old. Mischa, has an amazing horoscope. She has several planets grouped together on the Cosmoastrology 90 degree dial, which indicates a person with tremendous ability to connect with the public.

The planets that are grouped together are, the Sun, (personality) Moon’s Node, (public) Venus, (beauty) and Pluto, (transformation.) Little wonder her career as an actress/model started at a young age. Barton got her first break in New York, when at the age on nine she took on the lead role in “Slavs.” On the day she was born, the Sun which rules our personality was in the sign of Aquarius, and the Moon, which rules our emotions, was in the sign of Cancer.

The combination or Aquarius/Cancer makes for an altra- social person who is sensitive in both feelings and perceptions. It is an ideal combination for acting because, not only does she understand her own feeling and emotions but she is perceptive in responding to the characters she plays on screen. With the Moon in Cancer one can be quite shy.

Mischa was quoted as saying that as a kid she was introverted and painfully shy. However, with the Sun in the social sign of Aquarius, she was able to overcome this shyness and now this popular young actress endears herself to others and can mix with people from all walks of life. Her strength to cut it in the big world of television comes from Mars in Scorpio, which viewed astrologically, is a very powerful placement.

Mars is the planet of enterprise, ambition, and self-assertion and makes for one extremely independent individual. Strong willed and fearless, this little lady knows exactly where she is going and how to get there. These are the type of individuals who give off strong vibes. When they enter a room, you cannot help but notice them. Elegant, fresh and young, she is big demand by sponsors to promote their products. Barton has worked for many of the top companies including, Calvin Klein, Keds sneakers and is the current face of Neutrogena.

Over the next three months (March- June 2006) Mischa Barton may find life rather tedious as Saturn, planet of frustration and disappointments is in aspects her group of planets. (Sun, Moon’s Node, Venus, Pluto) Inhibitions in romantic relationships, care and concern for older family members and feeling repressed by others, are some of the probable manifestations of these aspects.

Fortunately, after June this influence will have moved on so with support from those she loves and her strong determination to get things done, any feelings of anxiety that Mischa may have, will pass. Then, once again, she can move on to bigger and better things.

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Mischa Barton Horoscope

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Mischa Barton Horoscope