Natasha Richardson Horoscope

Natasha Richardson Star by Heritage – Star by Horoscope Natasha Richardson was a natural born actor, bringing sunshine and joy into the hearts of all who knew her. She was born in London, England on 11 May, 1963, to actress Vanessa Redgrave, a member of the world-renowned theatrical dynasty and director/producer, Tony Richardson.

On the day she was born the Sun (personality) was in the sign of Taurus which represents grace and beauty in a woman’s chart and the love of beautiful things and with the Moon (emotions) in the sign of Sagittarius she was invariably very popular.

People born with the Moon in the sign of Sagittarius have high principles and a keen moral sense, both in their own personal conduct and in the search for truth.

Mars in the horoscope is the engine that drives the chart and rules our energy levels and in Richardson’s chart was in the sign of Leo so there was a certain amount of natural creativity, self confidence and leadership qualities. Jupiter, the lucky planet was in the sign of Aries which compliments Mars in Leo adding optimism to her personality.

She had big ideas and big ambitions. For Richardson, being born into a theatrical family was certainly an advantage and she was a powerful force to be reckoned with. Along with our natal chart, hereditary factors and environmental conditions play a big role.

Richardson was bought up in London and was able to attend the best schools of speech and drama. Her first marriage was to film maker, Robert Fox whom she divorced in 1992. She later married Irish actor, Liam Neeson, and they had two children.

Doris Greaves, in her book, “Regulus Ebertin Cosmobiolgy Beyond 2000,” (p65) says “Although many traditional and horary astrologers still classify aspects as good or bad, the basic idea behind Cosmobiology still remains the same in that it is the planetary structure with the aspect that determines the outcome.” In other words, the eventual outcome that determines our final destination, must be written in the natal chart and while at first glance, as we delineate the chart and go through the planets and the signs we do get a glimpse of Natasha Richardson, the star, but when the chart is placed on the 90 degree dial a new picture begins to form.

Certain aspects have a much stronger effect than others for example, those who have Ebertin’s “Combination of Stellar Influences,” know too well which ones they are.

• Mars/Pluto – superhuman effort, force or brutality. Sometimes known as the catastrophe aspect. In the natal chart can be a co-determination of fate.
• Mars/Saturn – Harmful energy, death, endurance. • Sun/Saturn – Karma, separation, hereditary affliction.
• Sun/Pluto – craving for rulership, fanatical aspirations, physical suffering.
• Pluto/Node – common destiny of large mass of people.
• Pluto/Ascendant – injuries, violence, disputes, fascinating personality.
• Saturn/Ascendant – suffering through family (which I have) especially in Cancer.

These difficult aspects can show up in the natal chart or through compatibility with the various people that we are associated with, thus giving the pattern extra thrust. In Natasha Richardson’s horoscope when the planets and luminaries are set out on the 90 degree dial, we see that Mars is close to the Sun with Saturn only a degree and a half away. This then sheds a whole new light on the chart indicating at some stage that there could be a obstructed manifestation of vitality.(Combination Stellar Influences p.77)

On the 16th March 2009, when she sustained head injuries after a fall whilst skiing, everything seemed all right and she refused help from the paramedics. The Herald Sun newsapaper dated 19th March 2009, had this to say about the event: “Richardson was taking private skiing lessons at Mont Tremblant resort when she fell on the beginners’ slope and tumbled down a hill. The mother of two was not wearing a helmet, appeared unhurt.

She got up laughing and refused to see a doctor, witnesses said, even signing a medical form saying she did not need help.” However, it was not long after that the obstructed magnification of vitality set in and she was rushed to hospital in Montreal and then flown home to New York. Richardson died on 18th March in hospital from an epidural hematoma due to a blunt impact to the head. On reflection could astrology have saved her life?

I believe it could. Twelve months ago, my daughter who was 42 at the time called me late in the evening and said she was not feeling well. She had pains in the left shoulder and felt that she may need to go to the local emergency centre for treatment.

For quite some time I had been expecting a major incident and on the Monday night prior to her calling me on Thursday, there had been an altercation between family members which was very, very unpleasant and so I mistakenly thought, this was the incident that I had been expecting. Also, I was tired and exhausted from working very hard and at that moment the last thing I wanted to do was to go down to the local hospital where one has to wait for hours to get attention. Luckily for me, a greater force took over.

(I could hear this voice came from a million miles away saying, quick, quick, cast a chart, cast a chart.) I raced upstairs and did just that and with Saturn in Virgo, transiting the Moon’s Node of my daughter’s chart and with the transiting Sun triggering that pattern I knew straight away it was a heart attack.

I was then able to call the ambulance and before we knew it, she was in a private hospital having emergency surgery. Luck was also on our side, as it turned out that the surgeon was one of the best in Melbourne. (She has since recovered and doing well.) That very same week, we found out that three people born in 1966 had a heart attack in our area.

Two lived and one died. This will be the subject of another article, as I have all three charts. But; back to Natasha Richardson and Doris Greaves theory of the life story being on the 90 degree dial. In this chart we have Mars, planet of energy and drive next to the Sun, the living being and two degrees away is Saturn which represents Kama. We have no time of birth but I am sure one of the personal points would be filling up this degree in the middle. As we said before Sun, Mars, Saturn in the natal chart, can at some point, have an obstructed manifestation of vitality.

If we look at the solar arc for the year 2009, we can see that at 45 years, the pattern has come across the dial making her very vulnerable to a tragic event during her 45th year. Therefore as an astrological advisor, one would take no chances, even for what could have been termed a minor fall and make sure a doctor was called. I guess the million dollar question will always be is it fate or is it destiny?

Is it the chicken or is it the egg? This young lady had many strings to her bow. She appeared in more than 30 films and was known for her work on stage performing in a number of Shakespearean roles. She became a staunch Aids charity supporter after her father died of an Aids-related illness in 1991.

She lived her life more fully in those 45 years than most of us live in a lifetime. Some would say her star was ready to shine in another place, another, time, where our spirit roams free from our earthly bonds. Natasha Richardson thanks for the memories.

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Natasha Richardson Horoscope

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Natasha Richardson Horoscope