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Catt Sadler, American correspondent for E! News was recently asked who her favourite person was and she replied, “Nicole Kidman, gold in every way.” She went on to describe Kidman, who turned 50 on 20th June, as divine, classy and kind, a role model in her marriage her children and her career.

This is high praise indeed for the girl who was born in Honolulu, to Australian parents, working overseas at the time. When she entered the world at 3.15 in the afternoon, the Sun was still the sign of Gemini, but only just, because if she was born a few hours later she would have been a Cancerian. This also gives her a Scorpio Ascendant which would account for her intensely private personality.

Nicole Kidman has the Sun in Gemini, the Moon in Sagittarius, and Mars in Libra which is an incredibly romantic combination, perfect for an actress of her calibre. It also gives many other much needed qualities for a great actress such as, vivid imagination and a scope for intellect, vision and enthusiasm.

Looking at Kidman’s chart on the 90 degree chart we see several indicators for success. The first is the Jupiter/Node, Ascendant/Mid-Heaven, which indicates a good relationship with the public and the environment. Mercury to Mars indicates the achievement of success through the spirit of endeavour and the Sun and Chiron very close to the Aries point.

Not much has been written about the Aries point but it can give us some powerful information for predictive work and mark important transitions. The Aries point is the zero degree of the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

These points also herald in the different seasons which I have used as a predictive tool for 25 years with excellent results. So; one can see how important this point is as it can create visible changes in our outside world.

Kidman is a character actress and with Chiron in Pisces it allows her to play some powerful roles that rescue others, championing lost causes and seeks justice and retribution.

Two such movies come to mind, one is The Railway Man where she plays the wife of former British Officer and POW who was tortured at the hand of the Japanese in World War Two. The other more recent film Lion where she plays the mother of an Indian boy adopted and bought up in Tasmania. She helps the young man find his real mother against all odds.

The Sun and Chiron together (square) in her chart provide the tools she needs to embark on a healing journey, and what better way than to allow her to play these powerful movie roles with great authenticity.

Geminis love to hold centre stage and this was certainly evident in Nicole at a young age. She was enrolled in ballet at three to overcome her shyness and showed a natural talent for acting in her school years.

Later, she studied at the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne and at the Phillip Street Theatre in Sydney. Kidman showed enormous talent and was encouraged to pursue acting as a full time career.

It was on the set of Days of Thunder that she met Tom Cruise and they married just over a year later on Christmas Eve. With Mercury in Cancer strongly supported by Mars in Libra, Nicole needs to be treated with mental and physical equality and allowed freedom of expression. It would not have been easy for her, living in the confines of the Church of Scientology and eventually the marriage broke down. She and Cruise divorced in 2001.

On the positive side, her life with Tom Cruise gave great expression to her acting career and soon she was sought after for many and varied roles.

At the Academy Awards in 2002, she won an Oscar for her role as Virginia Wolfe in the film The Hours. If you look to the bi-dial we can see the transits on Oscar night when she won the award on the 24th March. The transiting Moon to Venus shows artistic appreciation and the Mercury/ Node across to her Jupiter/Node/Ascendant/Midheaven show success in her career.

Kidman met her present husband Keith Urban in January 2005 on the set of Gidday LA, an event to honour Australians in the US. Together they have two children, Sunday Rose and Faith, and Nicole has two adopted children with Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor.

The philosophy for Kidman’s unique astrological combination is that life is to be experienced and enjoyed. Happy 50th birthday Nic, we are privileged to share in your incredible life as an actress, a mother and as a decent human being. May there be many more wonderful experiences along the way.

Nicole Kidman Horoscope – 360 and 90 Degree Charts

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Nicole Kidman Academy Award 2002

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