Owen Wilson Horoscope

Police and an ambulance were called to the home of Hollywood A list actor, Owen Wilson on Sunday, 26th August, 2007 where he was found in a distressed state, after allegedly trying to commit suicide.

Wilson was born on 18th November, 1968 in Dallas Texas to parents Laura and Robert Wilson and I think most astrologers would agree that this was a powerful day, with both the Sun and Moon in the sign of Scorpio.

It is a combination that gives enormous energy to the personality, as well as a good dose of magnetism.

Most people reading my column, even those who are not astrologers understand by now that our horoscope is made up of many different parts, not only the Sun signs that we are all familiar with in the newspapers and magazines. It is like an artist with a pallet of paints and we then colour in the outline.

Mars, planet of enterprise and ambition was in the sign of Libra in Wilson’s chart when he was born, which makes him a force to be reckoned with, as it combines the cool charm and grace of the Libra mix, with the intense emotions of the Scorpio personality. However, Mars in the sign of Libra sometimes fosters extremes in decision making, as these individuals try to get the balance right. Mood sings can also be a problem.

Jupiter, planet of indulgence and excess is also in the sign of Libra. Socially conscious, these individuals fall over themselves to please. They crave approval and need to win the acceptance of others at all costs. Venus, planet of attraction and union in the sign of Capricorn brings some strength to the horoscope. Self reliant and sincere, these individuals need the right partner to help their means of self expression. The developed side of this combination gives the ability to love through all sorts of trials and tribulations.

Best known for his performance in the film, Wedding Crashers, Wilson left his home town to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles after completing his graduation from the University of Texas in 1991. His class mate, Wes Anderson had already paved the way as an aspiring filmmaker, so he had a base to start from. Wilson first came to my attention in the film, Behind Enemy Lines, where he played US Navy pilot, Lt Chris Burnett who disobeyed NATO directives to bring home an American hero after being shot down in the war between Bosnia and Serbia. Not usually a fan of this type of movie, it caught my attention because it was filmed in the mountains of the former Yugoslavia and having travelled over the mountain range from Germany to Croatia, the scenery was quite familiar.

It is very sad to hear that this nice young fellow has fallen off the rails as his chart has an extremely successful aspect to it with Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Mars and the Moon’s Node forming a stellium in the early degrees of the cardinal signs. Many great actors and actresses have Venus = Uranus in their natal chart, as does Owen. It helps with popularity, gives a sense of rhythm and increased artistic success. Combine this with the Moon’s Node and fame is almost guaranteed. However, he does also have the Sun = Neptune which is sometimes a weakness or sensitivity in the horoscope. Unfortunately the Sun Neptune now equals Mars, by solar arc giving a lack of incentive and a weak will to live so; under these influences, it is easy to become depressed. It is a time when feelings of inadequacy, discouragement and hopelessness arise, if things are not going well and having a major relationship breakdown would not help.

The easiest solution is for one to turn to drugs to mask the feelings of hurt and disappointment but that is the worst thing to do. The challenge is to confront these feeling without caving in or giving up. As energy levels are low it is sometimes hard to steer clear of the “deceitful actions” of Mars = Sun – Neptune. Avoid excessive physical strain, conserve energies and confront ones own fears are the way to deal with these particular energies.

For someone who has ample money, a positive way to confront this head on would be to purchase a day spa business in a trendy suburb where the whole idea is to make people feel special and forget all their troubles and woes bringing in a spiritual and physical healing element to the mix. The best way to confront difficult aspects is to turn them from the negative into the positive but it must be in keeping with the aspect to get the best affect.

While Sun-Neptune in the natal chart is a great component for acting, as one can live the fantasy of the characters one portrays, taking on a holistic approach to life in this day of new age prosperity would certainly help the spiritual and psychic component, when the negative side starts to surface. Also the progressed Moon is making a connection Mercury and Saturn and although he is now out of hospital, Owen will have to make sure he is in good hands for at least the next six months to help and guide him over the hump. Newspaper reports say that this brush with death will not harm his career but let’s hope he does not get caught up in any negative publicity that will invariably follow him around as he is scrutinised by the public in the soap opera of his life.

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Owen Wilson Horoscope

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Owen Wilson Horoscope