Paul McCartney Horoscope

Sir Paul McCartney turned 64 on 18th June, 2006 but it seems the words to the catchy tune that he recorded when he was 24, “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I am 64,” have come back to haunt him.

It wasn’t that long ago that his whole world crumbled, when his beloved Linda died of breast cancer. Now, it seems, even though he had a second try at happiness, marrying young lush, Heather Mills, in 2002, no one wants to feed him, no one still needs him, when he is 64.

From an early age, success has been a way of life for Paul McCartney, when he and three other “liverpudlians” rocked on to the stage and become known as, “The Beatles.” Everyone said, “it would not last.”

It was to be my last fling as a single woman, going to a Beatles Concert, before marrying at the tender age of 19. Some 40 years later, that night still has a special place in the archives of my mind. James Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England on June, 18, 1942 at 2.00 pm which makes him a native of the Sun sign, Gemini.

On the day he was born the Moon was in the sign of Leo which is a delightful combination, demanding and deserving of respect. This Sun/Moon combination also makes a person quick witted, clever, with a good grasp of facts and information and a gift to know just what the public want. Certainly in his writing of songs with John Lennon they had an incredible ability to know how to drum out, hit song after hit song. It is probably not so much what signs the planets and personal points are in his chart, success here is more about the patterns made on the 90 degree dial, which is the cornerstone to the art of Cosmobiology.

Most of us have one or two patterns of interest but here Sir Paul has four, the major one being, Mars/Pluto. Mars, which rules energy levels, combined with Pluto, gives an extraordinary amount of energy to perform superhuman efforts It can show a very brilliant career when the energy is used in a positive way. The attainment of success can come through excessive effort. Mars is in the sign of Leo is the driving force which gives a strong sense of purpose and creative ability. Determination to succeed is paramount and is almost compulsive. Without looking at the charts of the other three Beatles, one would have to assume that his input was extremely critical to their success as a group.

The other three patterns include, Venus = Moon which gives material luck and a good social standing, particularly with women. The Sun to Neptune used in a positive way gives strong inspirational powers. While the Moon’s Node to Saturn gives the weight of the world on one’s shoulders. On the day McCartney and Lennon met at a church picnic the Mars/Pluto had come to the Moon/Venus by Solar arc which in turn was also triggered by his natal Jupiter across the dial and Mercury by Solar Arc. A rare and unique pattern indeed. A chance meeting one might say, but to me his fate was sealed. Back in April I showed how we cast an Ingress chart.

This is the chart which is cast for when the Sun enters a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and allows us a window of opportunity to view what lies ahead for the next three months. Since then, we have followed various personalities on their personal journey and used this method to see what was happening and why they made the news.

We called this the Aries Ingress. This is the last reading for that period, as we now go into the next Ingress, which the domain of Cancer. On the Aries Ingress Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion came in contact with Neptune, planet of illusion and disappointment. Some of the key words for this pattern are, poor speculation, instability, losses and scandal. The other major key word for Jupiter/Neptune is money from an unearned source and often is seen in the charts of people who win money.

Loosely translated then this could mean dividing ones assets and the other person becoming financially well off, even though it is one partner who has earned the majority. Therefore this pattern turned out to have a very negative effect on several high profile marriages. Among those who called it quits were golfing stars Greg Norman and Nick, Faldo, Australian business mogul John Singleton and Australian Iraq hostage Don Woods. Big payouts indeed, for these guys. The most high profile marriages to collapse was that of Sir Paul and Heather Mills. On the Aries Ingress he had the Jupiter/Neptune to the Moon/Venus in his chart indicating the art of being deceived emotionally and a disappointment in love.

We are told that he did not even have a prenuptial agreement so a lot of money expected to change hands here. This one pattern could tell the story except that he also had the Ingress Moon to his natal Saturn and that is nearly always a great sadness. Add to the mix, Pluto to the Sun indicating major changes and as we have his correct time of birth we also see that Pluto has been influencing the Ascendant of his chart and often this spells divorce. Sir Paul’s natal chart tells us that his love life is extremely important to him and he would give anything in the world for peace and security but for one of the world’s richest men, it seems that there is some truth in the words of that other famous Beatle’s song, “money can’t buy me love.”

Accomplishment, wealth and fame will not always give us the happiness we so often seek, even for Paul McCartney who seemingly had it all. He loved and he lost and he tried to buy love again however, the human heart can never be fully satisfied by material things, simply because, the creator has placed eternity within the heart of man.

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