Paul Newman Horoscope

Paul Newman was quoted as saying, acting is the only thing I came close to doing well.

I realised that when I found I had no gift for the sporting-goods business. And aren’t we glad he found that potential acting talent.

There are several tools that Cosmobiologists layer onto the 90-degree dial to enable them to spot future trends, both positive and negative. As we move through the lessons you will be able to see how the jigsaw fits together.

It takes many years of study and analysing charts to be able to get to the heart and soul of the personality so don’t expect to get it right the first time. Remember, practice, practice, and practice. The reason we start with our own horoscope is simple.

No one knows us better than ourselves. The next step is to look up the charts of family and friends, as you also know quite a lot about them. Soon you will be able to see what parts of their chart they are using. Look for the strengths and the weaknesses through the signs and see what patterns are made in the natal chart.

For example I love clothes. I have an extensive wardrobe and I like nothing better than to dress up and go out somewhere exciting. The Moon in my chart is in the sign of Leo and this is exactly what Moon in Leo can portray.

My Sun sign is Aries so what a lovely combination for looking good, feeling good.

The objective now is for you to look at your horoscope from a psychological perspective and then set out a chart in the same format, as you have just done for Paul Newman. Have fun and enjoy.

Paul Newman Horoscope – Natal Chart

Paul Newman Horoscope