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The Fast and The Furious,” actor Paul Walker’s life was cut short on that fateful afternoon in November, 2013, when he decided to go for a joy ride with his friend and financial advisor, Roger Rodas.

Walker, was the oldest of five children. His mother was a fashion model and his father, a sewer contractor and a distinguished boxer who was a two-time Golden Gloves champion.

Born under the sign of Virgo on 12th September, 1973 in Glendale, California (no time available) Walker had the Moon in the sign of Pisces, making him both intellectual and intuitive. Master of subtle persuasion, his feelings ran deep.

The Moon in Pisces is an interesting placement for it brings a parade of different moods to the personality and combined with the Virgo Sun, he was practical, hard working and uncomplicated.

Paul Walker came to the attention of the public at an early age, starring in a television commercial as a toddler. He began modelling at the age of two and at twelve years of age, on his first Jupiter return his acting career began, first on television and then into movies.

His breakthrough to stardom came in 2001, when he starred opposite Vin Diesel, in the movie, “The Fast and the Furious,” an American franchise which included a set of action films, that centred on illegal street racing and heists.

Venus in Libra and Mars in Taurus, both Venus ruled signs, gave Walker his charm and good looks. He was the package deal and his on screen character was impressive.

With the Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces and Saturn in Aquarius there was also a humanitarian quality to his personality. Deeply philosophical with a charitable streak, he was touched by a wide range of sympathies. .

Through his successful professional career he was able to capture the public’s imagination both through his acting and through his charity, Reach Out Worldwide, an organization he founded providing relief efforts for areas affected by natural disasters..

Born on a full Moon one can always expect the unusual and unexpected in one’s life. There was also a very heavy pattern in his chart with Saturn square Pluto, square the Moon’s Node. Whilst this pattern can bring you to the attention of the public it also can challenge one’s journey in life..

There are many different methods astrologers use to make predictions and without a time of birth the house system presents many problems. The only planet we can use with any certainty is the Sun as it has a very predictable transit through the zodiac..

The Moon and the rest of the planets can be on any degree, in any sign of the zodiac, depending on the day we are born. The Ascendant is calculated on the moment of birth (exact time) which in effect sets up the house system. Therefore; as the Ascendant changes sign every two hours we have twelve different house systems in one day..

Cosmobiology divides the 360 degrees of the zodiac into three segments called quadruplicates, each of 30 degrees, which are the cardinal, fixed and mutable signs thus making it much easier to read as seen in our sample chart of Paul Walker..

We then use various methods to predict which can be Solar Return, Solar Arc, Progressions and the one I use, called Ingress charts calculated on the Suns movement into a cardinal sign four times a year. It is usually the transits of the day which are the triggering factor to any of our methods.
Ingress charts have been used for many years for mundane predicting but as far as I know, it was Doris Greaves who decided to apply the system to the personal chart. We started looking at this method in 1984 and then in the 1990’s took the system to America to show the astrological how it worked. I was lucky enough to be her personal assistant at the time as we travelled extensively through many states. .

The success was quite extraordinary as we read for strangers picking up many sensitive issues in peoples lives. I recall reading for someone in Texas and instead of making a prediction for them found myself predicting the birth of my first granddaughter who is now 22 years of age..

Paul Walker, had just turned 40, and his solar arc for that year did not reveal a great deal of information for his impending death, other than Mercury to Mars which sometimes indicate rash or premature action which was certainly the case when he took that fateful trip..

However, if we look at the September Ingress cast for 22nd September, 2013 it casts a very different picture with a lot of volatility in the chart. Ingress Saturn/Node was to natal Mars and Ingress Mars was across to the natal Saturn/Pluto indicating bereavement and the loss of one’s fortune or possessions. .

They say that speed was a contributing factor which was ironic considering the series that made him a star was all about New York street club racing. Saturn, planet of frustration and sadness moved quickly from the Ingress date on 22nd September and by the time it got to the degree of the Ingress Mars, like the words from Michael Jackson’s song, “Gone Too Soon..

However he did leave a legacy. The unfinished film, “The Fast and The Furious 7,” was completed earlier this year with the help of his brothers as stand-ins. This included a song, titled “See You Again,” written by Charlie Puth which served in a poignant scene to farewell Walker. The series has become Universal’s biggest franchise of all time. RIP Paul Walker.

Paul Walker 360 + 90 Chart

Paul Walker 360 + 90 Chart

Paul Walker – Death Chart

Paul Walker - Death Chart

Paul Walker – September Ingress

Paul Walker - September Ingress