Princess Charlotte Horoscope

The long awaited arrival of Princess Perfect took place on 2nd May 2015 at 8.34 am, British Summer time in London.

Kate was a week overdue and according to the British press she had tried everything to bring the birth of her baby forward however, astrologically Taurean babies are notoriously late. They are never in a hurry to enter the world and Princess Charlotte was no exception.

It was difficult to pin point the exact day of her arrival as there were many different hereditary factors in play depending on her role within the royal hierarchy. Not so for Prince George, who came in exactly on time, fitting in with the factors befitting a future King.

With the birth of Princess Charlotte, not having these hereditary factors, it will be many a long wait before we have another Queen when it is finally time for Elizabeth to depart. Princess Charlotte does however, have one important factor showing her link with royalty and that is the Sun square Jupiter in the fixed signs, on the date of her birth.

So; let us take an in-depth look at her chart. On the day she was born the Sun was in the sign of Taurus and the Moon in the sign of Libra. Both are Venus ruled signs, a very enchanting combination with the practical common sense of Taurus and the emotional component of justice and fair play in Libra.

Mars, planet of energy and drive is also in the Venus ruled sign of Taurus giving the little Princess a triple dose of grace and charm.

This is the perfect combination for our princess and the role she will play in the royal family.

Some astrologers say she has a rebellious streak, like her late grandmother, Princess Diana. However, I would say she has more of a stubborn streak so; woe betide anyone who tries to make her do what she doesn’t want to do.

Little Charlotte may have a Libra Moon and be reasonably easy going but she does have the Sun and Mars in the sign of Taurus, which has a very stubborn streak. Right from the first time you notice the little arms folded across the chest and you can’t pry them apart no matter what, you soon realise not to try and force the issue. Only when the little bull is ready, they will obey and not a moment before.

My oldest brother was born four days after Prince Charles. He is a Scorpio with Moon in Gemini but he does have Taurus rising. Now there is only four years between us but I still remember the day, when, as a baby, in a high chair, mother couldn’t feed him because his mouth was glued shut.

Thinking she was doing the right thing, she left the plate and spoon on the tray so he could feed himself. But no, our stubborn Taurus Ascendant had other ideas. Obviously he did not like what had been dished up to him because next moment the plate was on his head like a helmet and, with porridge running down his face, he started beating the plate with his spoon. Mother was not amused but I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen.

However, there is a good side to this pattern. Her quiet grace and dignity will endear her to the public and she will be greatly loved. As she grows into a woman of substance and beauty she will demand a strong, ambitious mate to match her drive and determination.

There is also a strong rustic streak which may manifest in the love of nature. This would be a common bond with her grandfather, Prince Charles who is well known for his practical down-to-earth qualities.

There are many links in the chart of this young baby to show the hereditary factors. She was born with the Sun in Taurus as was her great grand mother, the Queen of England. Her rising sign is in the sign of Cancer which is the Sun sign of her father, Prince William, brother Prince George and her late grandmother, Princess Diana. The Ascendant is also the polarity to her mother’s, Sun sign which is Capricorn.

The one thing that really stands out in the Princess’s chart is the degree of Mars in Taurus very close to the fixed star, Algol. Reinhold Ebertin did a lot of work on the Fixed stars and was quoted as saying that they were observed thousands of years ago, back around 250 B.C.

The first catalogue was compiled by the Greek Timocrates and Aristill. This catalogue was revised by Hipparch and was handed down by Ptolemy in his manual of astronomy “Almagest.”

Fixed stars can have a powerful significance on how we live our lives. They show up in two ways. Firstly, in world of events, which we call mundane astrology and secondly when they show up in the natal chart.

Advancement and success can be highlighted but sometimes there is a much more sinister connotation. They do not need to be in conjunction with the planet in the natal chart, because the squares, oppositions, semi squares and sesqiquadrates can also bring about a striking effect.

One of the most significant factors that highlighted the dramatic rise of Lady Diana Spencer, Charlotte’s late grandmother, and her special relationship with the public, was the fact that Venus, planet of love and beauty was 24 degrees of Taurus, very close to the degree of the fixed star Algol.

As astrologers we wondered how this aspect would play out and when her son, William was born and we saw that his Venus was exactly conjunct the fixed star, it was a little bit disconcerting to say the least. Naturally both mother and son were very close so it was horrendous when Diana was killed on that fateful night.

Although little Charlotte will have to be very careful when Venus is activated by the heavy planets, I think this is more a karmic factor to events which have already taken place. In Cosmobiology we like to use very tight orbs of one degree and the Venus in her chart is two degrees away. It is by using these very tight orbs that makes the Ebertin system so powerful for predicting.

Charlotte will have much to give the world as she joins the royal spares, including Prince Harry, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew who have done their royal duty with diligence and living a reasonably ordinary life. There has been the odd hiccup or two but in my mind this little lass with Mercury (planet of communication and activity) very close to the Mid Heaven (career potential) and Saturn (discipline) she will be the steadying ship the next generation of young royals need.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana will thrive in the laid back natural environment of the modern royals and there is every indication in the royal chart that today’s bundle of joy will turn out to be Princess Perfect.

Princess Charlotte Horoscope

Princess Charlotte Horoscope