Ray Rice Baltimore Ravens Suspended

Ray Rice – Baltimore Ravens NFL Star Suspended in Domestic Violence Case

Professional American footballer Ray Rice, who plays running back for the Baltimore Ravens, faced the music during the month of August when the NFL handed down a two-match suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Earlier this year Rice was charged with aggravated assault against girlfriend Janay, whom he has since married, when security camera’s caught him pulling her unconscious from an elevator in an Atlanta city hotel.

Domestic violence is a real problem in today’s society. It is described in the dictionary as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, dating abuse and intimate partner violence. It favours neither the rich nor the poor.

An editorial in the Sydney Herald Sun last March on the growing domestic violence in society, had this to say: “From the veneer of social respectability, across all demographics, woman are suffering from physical, psychological, manipulative, and controlling behaviour by culprits. It emanates from a mindset that blame the victim and tolerates disrespect for those who are of another gender, background, lifestyle or simply powerless.”

This is just another story in the chain of domestic violent. So; let’s take a look at the chart of Ray Rice and see if we can shed light on why some men are prone to outbursts of violence. He is not the first elite athlete to be in the spotlight for a domestic violence incident nor will he be the last.

Ray Rice was born in New Rochelle, New York, on the 22nd January 1987. On that day the Sun was in the sign of Aquarius. We have no time of birth but because the Moon changed signs from Libra to Scorpio on that day I have rectified the time to 6.00 pm which puts the Moon on 2 degrees of Scorpio. With over 25 years research, I have found that people with the Scorpio Moon are more prone to outbursts of violence than people with the Libra Moon, depending on the chart of course.

In the recent bitter divorce battle between American Professional basket ball player, Dwayne Wade and wife, Siovaugh Funches Wade, domestic violence allegedly played a big role. Whilst both were born under the sign of Capricorn, she had the Libra Moon and he had the Moon in Scorpio. Still; it does depend on the chart as a whole and the relationships we form, as to how the compatibility of two people plays out.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are different, unpredictable and complicated. The Scorpio Moon adds a touch of courage, a pronounced sense of mission but despite having the foundations of the creative genius, these individuals can be very difficult to live with. There are no half measures and life can be very confusing at times for their loved ones.

Ray Rice is a strong and independent and, add Mars, planet of action and desire in the dynamic sign of Aries into the mix, the capacity for energetic activity is enormous.

Playing top grade football is an excellent outlet for all the pent up Arian energy however, he needs to be mindful that work and play are two different elements in life. With such a strong and powerful chart, it requires a great deal of self control to juggle both roles.

One of the of the most empowering tools a Cosmobiologist has at their disposal, is the casting of an Ingress chart and using the influences as a guide over the next three months. During the 1990’s Doris Greaves and I travelled all over America lecturing extensively on this predictive tool.

An Ingress chart is cast four times a year when the Sun moves into a cardinal sign. (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) We then compare this chart to the natal chart and the influences that show up, are the events likely to happen during the following three months.

Combined with other tools like Solar Arc, Progressions, Solar Returns and transits, we have an excellent guide as to what is going on in our lives, at all time. I have cast the Capricorn Ingress for New York on 21st December, 2013 at 12.11.02 pm, as the event happened in this period.

The Ingress chart shows that Rice was under some very powerful transits at the time. Pluto, planet of force and denial was square his natal Mars and the Ingress Mars, planet of energy and desire, was square the natal Neptune.

The Pluto square is a very difficult transit to handle at the best of times and with Mars to Neptune there may have been some feelings of doubt and inadequacy, forcing him to be tempted into taking a devious course of action if provoked.

Unfortunately; we will never know the truth as he has refused to shed any light on the mystery as to what took place inside the elevator. The Vertex to the Vertex on the Capricorn Ingress indicates that he would be dealing with issues, both inside and outside the marriage.

In Rice’s natal chart there is a very difficult Mars mid point between Neptune and the Moon’s Node. And this too, was being triggered by the Ingress Pluto. In Ebertin’s book, “The Combination of Stellar Influences” some of the key words indicate experiencing disharmony when working or living together.

However, it can on the positive side suggest a sporting hero. With Neptune playing an important role in this mid-point, it appears that the sporting public have already forgiven him, as a big crowd turned up when he turned up recently to his club sporting ground.

Sometimes it is handy to have an astrologer in the family to help outline difficult periods as we try to find a way to minimise conflict on the domestic front. However, it is still up to the individual on how they handle the transit.

Ray Rice will serve a two game suspension as part of the NFL’s punishment, when the new season starts at the end of August. Earlier this year, he pleaded not guilty to a third-degree charge of aggravated assault and avoided trial by being accepted into a pre-trial intervention program, which he served in May. He maintains he is a much better person for having had counselling.

The public have been very critical of what they term the light punishment and feel that it is in line with the disappointing track record the league has on domestic violence issues.

This man has a strong masculine chart which is in line with old school thinking when he was quoted as saying, “everybody knows the rule of the husband. If you go biblically the husband is the head of the household. My job is to lead the family. My job is to lead my wife. My job is to lead in whatever I do and if I am not being an example, then the family crumbles.”

However, there is a fine line between leading and controlling and if he can’t make the distinction with any future difficult transits, they could be heading for a rocky road.

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Ray Rice Baltimore Ravens Suspended

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Ray Rice Baltimore Ravens Suspended