Ron Barrassi Horoscope

Yesterday Melbourne celebrated the birth of a living legend, Ronald Dale Barassi, an icon in Australian Rules Football. Ron was born on 27th February 1936 in Melbourne to parents Cpl Ronald James and Eliza Barassi, during the depression years. Times were tough and like most young fellas back in those days, he came from the “hard school of knocks.”

On the day he was born, the Sun, which rules our personality was in the sign of Pisces and the Moon which rules our emotions in the sign of Taurus. Although this combination can make people sensitive, one can make up it for by being acutely sensitive to the feelings of others.

It also has a high degree of sociability. Agreeable and easy to get along with, Ron fits this description very well, but woe-betide anyone who takes advantage of his easy- going nature. Then, the stubbornness of the Taurean Moon would set in. He would be the first one to tell you that he will not be imposed upon and he would have an equal dislike to impose upon others. Mars, planet of action and drive is in the sign of Aries

This gives an enormous capacity for energetic capacity. Mars rules the sign of Aries so it is especially powerful here. Not surprising that Ron is still extremely fit an active at 70 and has a blue print for longevity.

It was recently reported in the Herald Sun Newspaper, that his wish is to live to 100 years. Not only has Mars in Aries given him his sporting prowess it has also given him excellent skills as an organizer and executive. Yesterday Ron reflected on his magnificent career. He won a total of ten premiership cups, both as a player and as a coach.

Ron’s life has not always been smooth sailing. He was only five years old when his father was killed at Tobruk, Libya on the 31st July 1941. This shows up clearly in his horoscope as the Sun had moved to Saturn, planet of sadness and loss, by Solar Arc at five years of age.

One of the principles of Sun=Saturn can be Karma and separation. His mother became the breadwinner and so not only had he lost his father but he had to live with relatives until the end of the war. When his mother remarried and moved to Tasmania Ron chose to move in with his football coach who became a father figure and mentor and the rest they say, “is history.”

Ron Barassi’s contribution to Australian Rules Football is legendary. He was known as an inspirational footballer and an innovative coach. The people of Melbourne salute you Ronald Dale Barassi. Happy 70th and may you live your dream to reach 100 years.

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Ron Barrassi Horoscope

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